Tuesday, May 8, 2012

~~~Wild World~~~

The weekend was beautiful..Prague has that magical power to make you feel in love with the place. 
The magic of Prague just grows on you.The weather was perfect!

I just wonder what all this country has been through.. I talked to a couple of locals and they shared the horror stories from the communist times.. Tough Life Indeed!!
The most interesting part was the fact that my Hotel got an upgrade this time. From a single room economy ( 3star Hotel) to a 4 star luxury double bed room. Well I am never the kinds who get these upgrades.. Call it  Luck!I was so happy. It just couldn't have been better :). I felt as if I won some lottery.. The one interesting thing that I noticed about the hotel was..
In the lobby there was this big computerized information center (A really huge cool touch pad).. It had all the information for the tourists for everything (Pharmacy to Laundry).. I was just browsing through it to kill my time and then I noticed some really bizarre options.. "Private Escorts","Gay shops","Phone Girls","Special Thai Massage" ...Well what can I say.. Different strokes for different folks.. !!

Over the last couple of years I have lived in a lot of hotels/hostels/apartments.. I am not a Lah-di-da when I travel. The Fringes ("attractions") are not high on my agenda while selecting the hotel!!I am always on the ground and Come to think of it most of my holidays are for a short duration and it doesn't really make sense staying in a hotel with full of Perks when you are not even there to enjoy it!!
Things that I really find strange in the hotels..( Consistently) are:

1) Why do they have all the TV channels in the local languages and only BBC world for an English channel.Most of the places where I have stayed don't have more than 1 English channel..Imagine this, You come to your hotel after a whole day of sightseeing and all you need is to doze off while watching the television.. but sadly wherever I have stayed, there were no English channels. Majority of the tourists who stay in the hotels are from different lands and speak different languages.So doesn't it make sense to have more English channels ?

2) WiFi: It is not always that I get a good wifi in my room. I hate LAN connections. I can't be lazy and have to sit uptight to stay connected. The ideal situation is to watch TV (English),surf the net and go off to sleep.

3) What you see is not what you get most of the times.. Over the internet the photos of the hotel rooms look mind blowing..My friend, the reality is normally far from the pictures. It is like picking someone on the matrimonial sites..They have the best face up!!It has always been the same case for me in terms of the Hotel Rooms.. The photos show the best furnishings, bright, colorful, modern and sleek.. ( I like my hotel rooms to be modern and abstract and sleek and what not :))

May be I am wrong at all the above points but that is how I feel..!!
Coming back to my daily life.. I am good,happy and not to forget very relaxed!
This time in Prague I booked a 1.5 hours of tour in Vintage 1960's Skoda.. It was wonderful. It just couldn't have been better.

The most striking thing for me about Prague is the difference in the architecture.. There are buildings with the Baroque, Roman, Gothic and not to forget the ugly communist designs also..
Some buildings have all the styles.. Well it mostly depended on the Kings / Occupants of the buildings and the fashion!!

The travelling makes me happy and relaxed.. I just hope that it would never stop..!!
There is a stupid crazy world out there and I just want to enjoy it while I can..!!
I don't really want to hang my boots without exploring every nook and corner.

I just hope that my quest to see more, learn more, enjoy more, live more just doesn't end..
I will be back soon..!
P.S : The song is by Cat Stevens..
A long long long time ago someone made me listen to this song again and again and again..
It did change a lot of things for me then... It is a beautiful song..!! I have just been thinking about this song lately..It is indeed a wild world !! Hence the title..

"You know I've seen a lot of what the world can do
and it's breaking my heart in two
'cause I never wanna see you sad girl
don't be a bad girl

But if you wanna leave take good care
hope you make a lot of nice friends out there
just rememeber there's a lot of bad and beware

Ooh baby baby it's a wild world
it's hard to get by just upon a smile
ooh baby baby it's a wild world
and I'll always remember you like a child girl"


  1. seems an amazing holiday..!! I hv heard Prague is very beautiful.. you didn't mentioned much about its beauty ..

  2. Lil Miss Sunshine ....
    finally i could catch up on your posts .. i have missed a lot .. but good to catch up again..