Friday, May 18, 2012

~~~Sweet Child o' Mine~~~

It is a Friday and it was not a nice feeling to be in the office when 75% of the crowd was out holidaying!!
Then I thought of the people who are working tomorrow and it was comforting..!
(Yeah, go ahead ! Call me sadistic).
There was a lot of socializing today in the office amongst the leftover crowd!
A lot of talking, A lot of camaraderie and I ended up having a few interesting conversations as well.

So someone I know at work showed up at my desk to say hello. We generally started talking about Facebook going public for $38 and what the world has come to.. Everything comes with a price and the value of "Nothing".Well many of you know that I kind of despise FB.I have come a long way from being an "FB freak" to "FB free"..
He said , I am proud to say that I lived the 80's. Well he is a little older than me (Say 10 years).
He said.. We discovered technology step by step. It wasn't like today where you read the newspaper after two days only to realize that you missed the latest apple product!
We were happy playing Super Mario as kids , We didn't need FB and our clothes were so cool.
We lived through the music. The music was our language!People had causes to believe in ,The rebel was everywhere...!!!

I agree with him on all the points. He is damn right! There was one more thing which he said and it is now sitting somewhere deep in my head... " People wanted to be looked as Heroes and not as Celebrities like in today's world..." I think he scored 10/10 here too.. ! People are always looking at the ways to get their 2 minutes of fame. It is kind of bad. There are no heroes!!

Coming back to 18 May 2012.. It wasn't such a bad day after all.
I don't have plans for tomorrow.. except for watching "The Match".Tomorrow is the final match of Champions League!! I am still torn between the two finalists..
The problem with the sports is that you have to take sides.. You have to have your team!! You need to belong to a camp.Appreciating the Game is one thing and living it is another.
I don't think you can live the game by supporting both the teams...!! I need to pick my side.. !

I am planning to watch the match with my Macedonian friend. We are planning to do everything old school tomorrow.. ! Carry the bottle, stay in the open,drink and watch the match... The only problem is that my tonsils have enlarged and they are making every single second of my existence painful! I hope to beat them tomorrow..!

Looking forward to a perfect Saturday!
P.S: Well the song is by GnR. I only have two reasons to put this song as the title..
This song is my second favorite 80's song ( We need another post for the first one..!).
Secondly, I was chatting in the evening with someone who is in Delhi right now.I was just sharing all my favorite places with him and I got really emotional thinking about my favorite places ( again , another post..!)
and how I grew up eating my favorite food , shopping ,finding and fighting my way out in Delhi. These places are still a very much part of me and will always be no matter where I end up..!!
She's got a smile that it seems to me reminds me of childhood memories
where everything was fresh as the bright blue sky
now and then when I see her face she takes me away to that special place
and if I started too long I'd probably break down and cry
Oh oh oh sweet child o' mine
oh oh oh oh sweet love of mine

She's got eyes of the bluest skies as if they thought of rain
I hate to look into those eyes and see an ounce of pain
her hair reminds me of a warm safe place where as a child I'd hide
and pray for the thunder and rain to quietly pass me by


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