Wednesday, May 2, 2012

~~~The Passenger~~~

Remember this..?
Well yeah.. "Ich bin Berliner Weider.." ( I am a Berliner again...)

What a fantastic place.. :) Okay let me get to that later..
I had planned to take the day off on Monday and Tuesday being a labor day holiday It would have been a 4 day weekend for me..
So very promptly I made the bookings for Vienna. There was a problem with an online transaction later. By the  time the airline got back to me the flights got too expensive. Vienna has always been Jinxed for me. This was my 4th trip to Vienna which got cancelled. Every time my trip to Vienna gets cancelled I get even more fascinated with the place. I feel like a kid who wants to have "That" forbidden toy.. and is desperate to have it!!
Another day , Another Time..! I will have tales/posts from Vienna as well... (Amen!)

After the whole fiasco, I was more than determined to have my well needed 4 day weekend. So , I made the bookings for Paris...! Just when I finished my victory laps I got the phone call from one of my managers.. Well to summarize the conversation.. "Monday was working.."!
I cancelled everything yet again..!

The third plan I made was for Black Forest. I have memories from Black Forest..The plan fell through. I didn't complain this time. I was okay with the idea of not going there. So for the weekend I was at Munich enjoying the Fruhlingfest (The spring festival..). I have some bittersweet memories from Munich but I was determined to change that and turn it into a sweet one day trip.I did a lot of sightseeing in Munich..and loved my day out in Munich!

On Sunday night, I suddenly got this idea of going to Berlin for a day!! I made the bookings for the journey.
I booked my accommodation at the last minute.I packed in a change of clothes and was on my way to Berlin on Monday. The journey was pleasant, The hotel was excellent.After a night tour of of the city I dozed off like a baby on Monday night.. I started the day a bit early.. Because of the labor day the whole Marxism was in the air.I had this romantic notion about communism.., I was fascinated with the Marxism back in the day and then I grew up.There were demonstrations all over.. I did pretty well though!! I explored all the key places yet again...!

I get amazed with the fact that how well they have advanced after the war! Impressive..!!
This time around I was only there to feel the air of Berlin, to enjoy the spirit of Berlin, to be a Berliner!!
 (so what ? If only for a day).

I am off to Prague this weekend. I just wanted to explore Prague more and better.
I was there the last September also ,but frankly a place like Prague deserves more time.



So this exhibition here pretty much summarized my trip.. :) Beautiful (Read HOT And Sunny) Weather, Berlin and Me..!!
I loved being spontaneous for a change..!!
As I am writing this post here ..I am booking my tickets also for Prague online.

Looking forward to my several other trips..!!
P.S: The song is by Iggy Popp. Awesome song! Brilliant lyrics...
When I was travelling in Berlin I was just thinking about this song again and again...
"I am the passenger
And I ride and I ride
I ride through the city's backsides
I see the stars come out of the sky
Yeah, they're bright in a hollow sky
You know it looks so good tonight"

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  1. wow... all set for Prague this weekend..!! mast ghumo tum :-)