Wednesday, May 23, 2012

~~~Girls in their Summer Clothes~~~

Remember how emotional I was in the last post when it came to Delhi?
So just thought jotting down all the shady, little known places, the places where I went again and again and then again..:)

Here is the list of the top five places..
** Priya Cinema at Vasant Vihar: This was long back.Later on, it became a part of the PVR group. The whole complex was full of food joints and some cool shops (There used to be a punk shop for clothes and blingy stuff ..You know that's my style :)) There was a disc called RPM which was mainly for all the college/ school kids with time boundaries at home. It was the shadiest pub of all.. :). The school kids used to bunk school and change their uniforms to look like the college goers... We could see the movies at a really good price (50-75 rs). Mc Donalds was the "In" thing back then.

**Chanakya :  The best theater I have ever been to. It was in the best locality surrounded by the embassies and just next to it there was a Nirulas outlet.Nirula's is India's oldest fast food restaurant chain. Every outlet had an ice cream bar and till date I find their Ice creams really good. I have really fond memories of Nirula's.
Times have changed and so do they but I think the Banana Sundae still tastes the same.
Coming back to Chanakya.. It was the best movie hall ever. They used to screen all the famous English movies and that too at a very reasonable price.It was full value for money!!

**Supper Factory: This was when we were beginning to explore more. More than the usual chaat and dinner.
This was when we thought drinking alcohol was adventurous.. , Liberating :). Right opposite to LSR college in Delhi there is a bar with two levels.Back then, the first level had a restaurant with huge TV screens and Vodka shots used to be 13 Rs. ( Really 13 rs :) .. Those were the good times). The ground floor had the dancing floor. Let's say it was more famous for the other things.. I won't say that it is a must visit place. I just remember too many things , I have too many stories.. Someday , I will bore you with all the details.

**Dilli Haat: I will take offence if you will call it Delhi Haat. What a place :) I have been there with Friends,I have been there with "Good Friends", I have been there with Family , I have been there with that Special Someone and it felt the same every time.The atmosphere is electric, the food is yummy and shopping .. ohh wow :). The best thing to do there is to stroll around, Gulp a couple of fruit beers and then eat momo's.

** The Hauz Khaas Village Market: I love the whole complex. Right from the pastry shop "The Rainbows" to the shady rock pub Village Cafe.. I liked different joints at different points in time..
You can find your kind in that complex.. It is right behind the IIT Delhi campus and is a  very "Youngish" place to be!

If you visit those places you might not like them.. Someone wise told me a very wise thing . "It is the whole package.. Friends,atmosphere,situations etc etc. So the same thing might not look as exciting as it used to ages ago".I reluctantly agreed to the fact but somewhere I am not convinced.

Coming back to the routine life.. All is well on my side of the world. I am happy and I am content.. I want a lot of things at the moment but that's a continuous struggle right? So eventually I will have all that I want or probably I will grow out of it.. Lets see what happens first?

I am loving the summers here. Everything is so bright.People look happy and cheerful..!!
Summers here in Europe is really my thing...!! Someday when I am rich,a little older and have my own company I will go backpacking across the continent during summer time.

Ending the post on a good note :)

P.S: I love Bruce Springsteen didn't I tell you this?
The song is just for the summers... one of the best !!

Some say that it is to welcome the Summers, Some say that it talks about the end of Summer of Life..It is about someone who is down on his luck and the world around him is moving on at a fast pace.It is the feeling of knowing the journey is over, and you have arrived and there is no moving on.
You have memories from the past good and bad and you know nothing can beat you down..

Well for me , the song is about just going on and enjoying every summer till the very end. I am not ready to hang up my boots yet.. not now, not ever!I want to grow old with every summer and I want my every summer to be better than the last one :)

In just a glance
Down here on Magic Street
Love's a fool's dance
I ain't got much sense but I still got my feet

And the girls in their summer clothes
In the cool of the evening light
The girls in their summer clothes
Pass me by


  1. Except for Supper Factory been there done it all. ;)
    But 13rs for a vodka shot is unbelievable!!

    And RPM is still as shady as it used to be. :P

  2. What nonsense! Don't try to find a hidden meaning where there isn't one.

    The Boss likes checking out chicks in short summery dresses. End of story.

  3. is this blog for your good times in Delhi?? then come back here :)