Monday, April 23, 2012

~~~Stand By Me~~~

Yesterday I had the most lavish German meal. I was invited by a local family. I accepted the invite readily :). I have known this family for long now. When I landed here I befriended some locals and this family.. Once in a while I catch up with them and we discuss life in general from our perspective..

They have seen / experienced this little town.. They settled here back in the 70's. They have a lot of stories, anecdotes, experiences to tell.We had Sekt and some good wine..!! What impressed me the most is the fact that the lady of the house is suffering from Cancer and yet there is never a moment when she is not living her life, there is never a moment when she is cribbing about her health, there is never a moment when she let this damn thing to get into her mind!! She is fighting it every bit and is living her life to the fullest.. She is the most cheerful person I have ever seen. Widely traveled, well read and worldly wise..!

Some people are strong and they make you feel strong with their presence in your life.People like her teach the others to live life to the fullest.. We are always busy cribbing about the small things and we always ignore the important things in life.. Most of the times we take our health for granted...!!
I like her spirit, her zeal and zest.. I want to be as strong as she is.
I feel privileged to have such people around they fill me in with optimism, energy, aspirations...

When I think of it, I do have such people in life.. **Touchwood**..
There are people in my life who always encourage me to be Me.They have supported me no matter how hard , no matter how tough it was..!!
I have a tendency to go overboard with my great quality of Self -Contempt. 'My People' keep me in check then.. They pull me back to the ground from six feet under..

Every time I am with people who make me feel inadequate, conscious, people who are always up with the negative energy, people for whom it is never enough, people who make you feel bad for your actions.. I get claustrophobic with such people. I am a very easy going person in life, I cant suffocate anyone for my whims and fancies and I expect the same..!!!

I have some friends.. close friends and I like them very much.. ohh I never mentioned the names? Then here you go..( In Chronological Order...)

Disclaimer :  Some of the names are missing( 4 in all).. They never visit me here hence no special mention (Except for Archana).. !
Crazy Child : Even though we are sisters.. I say we are friends first!! She is a fighter.. Even after so many years we have the talent to fight like 2 years old's ( It is never my fault.. EVER!)
Shreeja : I can't give her any code name...I remember all the stupidities we have done together.. It was fun growing up together. I still connect to her the way I used to 15 years ago.. !!!
Black Pearl : Even after being friends for 12 years now it is difficult for us to talk for 15 minutes straight!!
Meanie Greene : I have never seen someone so colorful, so full of life..Some people make this world a better place to be! I like the Arrogance and simplicity at the same time..!
Archana : She is never here .. so no point writing her code name.I have never seen anyone so perfect and yet so simple.
Shrek : She should be able to get it easily.I wanted her to learn the guitar notes for this song :).I can expect anything from her.Living with her is like living in a mad house. :) In a good way!
Mustang: For some it is an achievement , for some it is a dream.Every time we just have to pick up things from the last full stop..
MegaPixel:Some people have that eye, the eye to capture the right moments...!! Talking to them can go on for hours...!! Sometimes all we need to do is pick up that damn phone and talk.. !

NBA : Well I have never seen anyone so sporty, so full of energy , she will always be ready to cross the oceans for you.You will always have her back No matter what!
iMac:Well.. I always get to decide where we eat :), don't forget he is the one who got me in to apple..With some people it is really simple to be who you are. You are relaxed, comfortable and very much at ease.
MrB: Well..Knowing some people is the easiest thing in the world. :). All we have to do is just write a long email to each other ..!!
Gunj:  Creativity is in her DNA and I like the crazy ideas. Even though I have known her for long I was completely unaware of this side...!Irony of life: When we were in the close proximity to each other we didn't know a thing.. In this virtual world.. I feel that I know her well..!
Traveler : I don't know when we will meet next..? I am sure it will be a crazy time again.. From Dusseldorf to Delhi.. There is a lot of places where we need to party!!
Tanny :  My sweet little sister.. so what if she is not my real sister.. doesn't mean I love her less. I like the way I connect to her writing..!

There are/were some more people in my life (in my thoughts) who either left me or I left them..I don't want to mention them here.. The memories are bittersweet and I might not be important for them anymore..!
I have made my peace with this thought! I told you it is difficult for me to leave my people behind..!!!
The feeling is too unsettling....!

I guess the post is too long.. It is time to hit the bed.. :)
P.S:  The song is by Ben E King..
A really nice and simple song.. about being there for better or worse..
"Whenever you're in trouble,
Wont you stand, stand by me.
Stand by me.
Ohhh stand by me"


  1. We just pick it up from the last full stop :)

    Amen and Cheers to that!

    - Mustang

  2. like they say...der aye saver aaye :) So glad we connected here :)

  3. I summarize the blog with just one line which is my favourite too

    "I read somewhere... how important it is in life not necessarily to be strong... but to feel strong. "
    Chris McCandless--Into the wild..

    In life whenever and whereever we meet there will not be any "hi,hellos or goodbyes" but only one word will bind us together thats "Party".

    Different Blog...Keep writting...

    --U know me ;)

  4. Do you want me to pick a fight over this too? :P

  5. Oiyeeeee...This is such a pleasant surprise! :D
    It just made my day!

    Thanku thanku! :*

    Am just so happyy--eeee! :D

  6. Meanie Greenie checking in.

  7. well..that was quite something..
    u were gd at expressing..and mujhe apne baare mein achha sunne ki aadat kam hi hai...but thank u

    all i can say is...
    "Main hun na..!!!"

    w8ing to c u...


  8. @Mustang : I like this name better :)
    @Gunj : I agree and I love it too! Stay that way!
    @Tarun: That's one of my favorites ... Yes a lot of parties are in the order..
    @aditi: I know you will fight regardless :)
    @Tanny: Me too very happy :)
    @Meanie Greenie :)
    @NBA: Me tooo... All in the good time!!

  9. my my my... I never thought I will hit this list of yours... I was in a very bad mood from hours.. and this was the last thing for me to check(read ur blog).. Good that I read it.. I am sure I will now have a wonderful sleep..!!
    And yeah.. I feel the same for you from not just 15 years.. I guess it is a lot more than that :)


  10. MegaPixel : ha ha.... Thanks for the name.... Yeah u r damn correct that we just need to pick up the phone.... Well i am still waiting for the perfect frame :)

  11. i like SHREK.. Infact we even had a miniature of that ogre at home..
    Unfortunately I haven't been able to learn the song still.. but I guess you are motivating me to do just that in all the free time I have now :)