Wednesday, April 11, 2012

~~~On The Road Again~~~

I am back from probably the most beautiful country in the world..Oh no that's not true .. It will always be Croatia for me..!
The country which looks beautiful in every weather..!!! The country which is the richest in the world..
A country with a pot full of traditions, Significant number of historical landmarks. I am back after a 5 day trip to Switzerland.. Well going to a touristy place like Switzerland wasn't my first choice ..:)

We rented a car and drove around.. The pit stops were Bern , Lucerne, Interlaken, Lausanne, Zurich.. 
I was amazed to see the beautiful lakes and the old towns.. 
Well to be honest Germany is as beautiful and 50% less expensive. The place was packed with the tourists..
The best moment of the trip was on our way to Lausanne.. It started snowing.This was totally unexpected and a pleasant surprise.. We stopped the car and played some good Bollywood music and Danced!! Made the snowman, played with the snow and got clicked 1000's of times.. 
I don't know if I would be able to remember every monument, cathedral or lake.. But I would for sure remember the dancing part for life...!
I had an amazing Easter weekend...! To see some beautiful pics check here

Now I am back and there is again no excitement in the air.. :( I am back to the dull and office routine.
The weather is gloomy and depressing... The SUN doesn't come here any more.

After this trip I have realized that I was born for travelling.. Travelling places far and wide... exploring the unknown..
Today in the office I was having my coffee when someone joined me and asked me about my Easter Vacations..

He: Hey how was the Easter Weekend.
Me: Good! I was in Switzerland.
He: Don't you get tired of Travelling...
Me: I get tired of people asking me this.. but of Travelling Never..
He: You could have saved all this money..
Me: Yes, I could have and bought the high end gadgets, Diamonds and Designer Clothes..But would have lost out on this experience so no Regrets!!!
(I think he realized my reluctance from my answers.. and he left soon)..

I think I would be happiest travelling all my life.. My dream destinations are Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Iceland, Peru etc etc.. I don't think I can ever get tired of travelling...!!!
Going to the Landmarks doesn't make me happy, Getting clicked in front of the wonders of the world doesn't make me happy, Showing off on FB about my travel itinerary doesn't make me happy..
Just the thought of being in a new place, enjoying the local culture, walking with the crowd, soaking the air in, touching the buildings, the anticipation of exploring the unknown Makes me happy..!!

I am planning on something big, something grand, something new, something unknown..
I hope to share it all in the coming days.. Hoping for the good times to roll..!

P.S : This song is by Willie Nelson.It is a beautiful song.. and every time I embark on any journey (Figuratively and literally) I think of this song.. This song brings out the romance of travel perfectly..
“Goin’ places that I’ve never been .. Seein’ things that I may never see again…”

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  1. read all the pending ones at one go.. & feel I know you lately now.. keep writing.. :)