Sunday, April 15, 2012

~~~Learning to Fly~~~

It's a lazy Sunday again..
Even after drinking 2 cups of strong coffee I can go back to sleep in a jiffy!

I was off to Bamberg yesterday.. This was my second time around.I walked and walked and walked..
I like the feel of Bamberg.. It is a little touristy town in Germany also known as the Franconian Rome. 
The texture of the buildings, the landscaping, the little shops selling books, The smoked beer, The whole look and feel of Bamberg.. 

I have started liking the Sundays here. You see families together on their bikes. You see people enjoying their ice creams together..People like me running on the roads without a care, Old couples hand in hand busy in their own little world.. Little kids skating and biking at full speed. The peace and quite everywhere. All shops closed, All eating joints open.
I have started enjoying these Sundays.. In general I like my life these days.. Peaceful, quite, happy and more importantly alive and colorful!
I am planning on travelling quite a bit in the coming weeks.. The shopping craze is gone at the moment..
(No complaints!!)

Also, lately I have been thinking about the skills that I need to own/ learn/use/enhance..
The first one would be to enhance my photography skills..This time when I was in Switzerland I didn't get clicked even once. I didn't feel the need.. I was more interested in capturing the moments. It did feel good..
Now when I check my photos I feel that I could have done better..It is a learning.. day by day , Step by step.

The second thing that I would like to learn is Swimming..
Water attracts me.. It has a different charm for me.I am not a very water-sportyish person.
I want to swim and dive in the rivers, lakes... Well to be able to do that I should know Swimming..
Swimming is a skill that you learn the best when you are a 2 year old. I tried learning it last year.. I guess
I will have to try harder.

The third thing would be to be able to play a musical instrument..
I love music.. I just love my music a little too much and I want to play music.., make music, enjoy music..
I think this would need dedication and passion.. Hoping for the best!

I guess I have written too much for today..
It is time to enjoy my Sunday.. :) In another hour I would be off to have my favorite ice cream..
P.S : It is a Tom Petty Song..
The myth is that this song is about weed and it is not..
This song is about how he is learning to live. He gets hurt along the way, but still he bounces back .
Well some say life will beat you down break your heart steal your crown
so I've started out for god knows where I guess I'll know when I get there


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