Saturday, April 21, 2012

~~~A change is gonna come'~~~

I think I never posted the pictures from Switzerland.. So before I write anything further here they are..

The Beauty of Interlaken

Picture Perfect!

Peace and Calm all around...


It felt like being in a movie...

The king ..

Here goes my oft repeated line on this blog.. "Life is good at the moment... " .. I said the same thing to someone and the reply was something like .. "How can you say this again and again.. This means you don't have ambition in life.. you are happy with what you have"
In all honesty I am happy at the moment.No complaints. Everyone has ambitions and so do I, but those ambitions don't dictate my life.My ambitions have been growing steadily and I am happy about it.I learnt this a while ago that the most important ambitions in life are to be happy ,to be contented with yourself..
Enough of this weekend preaching...!!!

I was just thinking today how time changes so fast.. All of sudden you feel that you can't even relate to most of the things from your past.Read on.. Just 5 examples:

** 12-13 years ago the best love song for me was.. Words By Boyzone . I heard this song in the grocery store yesterday and couldn't really connect to this song the way I used to back in the day.

**Till 5-6 years back I used to love Eric Segal books. The characters in his stories had everything to die for and yet they were all so screwed up... I used to love his books. All the characters were Harvard graduated, brilliant and everything going for them and you expect them to do so well in life.. and yet they disappoint and  end up in a ditch invariably. There was a connection with his books but not anymore.

**10 years ago..The world was simple to understand it was either black or white. Sadly this is really not the case anymore. With so many angles, twists and turns there is always a grey area visible to the naked eye.

** 7 years ago.. I used to play scrabble all night long. I joined the scrabble community . I was a star there..! Hell Yeah! I was a crazy child back then.. We had a decent connection and Scrabble was my life. I used to stay up all night long just to play scrabble.

**8-9 years ago.. My friends were everything... EVERYTHING! I used to think that there was some connection from the previous life which was just carrying on in this life also. Every little second with them felt real, meaningful and full of life..There was this romantic notion of having them for eternity. Things changed along the way , Things changed while growing up.. Looking back , I have no regrets that I don't have them in my life anymore.

I think it has been a long post.. I will be back tomorrow...!
P.S: The song is by Sam Cooke..
This is just to remind me that this is not the end.. and a change will come and 10 years from now I would not be able to relate to this post :). As a matter of fact I heard this song a few days ago and it got me thinking about this post..!

There's been times that I thought I wouldn't last for long
But now I think I'm able to carry on
It's been a long, long time coming
But I know a change is gonna come
Oh, yes it will


  1. Beautiful pictures.

    And the fact that this post is about things which feel like they mean the world to us at this moment, but we invariably grow out of them,is comforting.

  2. I think you are happy today coz in ur heart u knw ure closer to who u want to be...lack of ambition is probably the most random connection here :)

    also, sometimes I wish you'd just write on...

    Love n luck,