Wednesday, April 18, 2012

~~~Eye of The Tiger~~~

Two teams that I support are fighting for a place in the Finals of Champions League.
Both of them once strong now reveled as underdogs esp in their Semifinals..
One of the teams won yesterday and it felt so good.

I was talking to a colleague yesterday and being the German that he is he had to support Bayern Munich..
That is how our conversation was..:

He: Which team tonight..
Me: Bayern , without a doubt..
He: Me too..! I am a German.. why you?
Me: They played well in the quarters They showed City how to play football, The team is rock solid
with a decent combination of old and young and they deserve to win!
He: Plus they are the underdogs. Considering how badly they lost in Bundesliga..
Me: Yeah they are
He: I always support the Underdogs.. I like stories, historic wins, I am always for the underdogs..

This conversation went on for long .. I don't want to bore you with the details. What I keep thinking about is How we all love to support the underdogs.. We take pride when an underdog wins..May be we can relate with the underdogs better? I always feel like an underdog.. in whatever I do.I can never accept the fact that I am the Mighty one.I guess that would be my comfort ground then.In my opinion underdogs give us hope to win.. that's the reason why we all love to support the underdogs..The romantic notion of Underdogs winning is too exhilarating. It pumps up the adrenaline. It is thrilling..!! Every time an underdog wins I say these words.. "If he can .. even I can.." and that's what keeps the hope going..!

Coming back to my daily life.. It is business as usual..
I promise it will change and sooner than you think..!! I am planning on something big :) Something exciting..!!

One thing that I really look forward to these days is people telling me about my posts .. Like the other day a friend pinged me from the US and she said:

 "You make me travel with you...You make me imagine things with your posts"

I remember Eby commenting..
"I can have a hearty conversation with you one day and then I will go on without talking for days altogether..
Is so true about you..."

Another friend of mine .. She commented...
"You are such a different person when you are writing.. I almost feel that you are a split personality..
at least you show the real emotions on your blog... In person you are always smiling, nonchalant of anything and everything..."

Jaimin commented (Paraphrasing him..Don't remember the words):
"When is your book coming out..." ( I couldn't stop laughing...)

These comments no matter true or not.. they fill me in with happiness and joy..!!
So please feel free to comment on this space... :) I like those comment emails from Blogger..
(Most of them are spams.. :(.. At least they make me happy for 30 seconds or so..)

And as I end this post here .. my 2nd underdog team (Only for this match) registered their win..!!
Once again, I am filled with hope and faith and what not!!!

P.S: My favorite song of an Underdog winning.. by Survivor..
There was a time when I could not run beyond 1 km.. and I used to play this song on my Phone/iPod while running. just to get some kicks...

"So many times, it happens too fast
You trade your passion for glory
Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past
You must fight just to keep them alive"

Sorry couldn't just end it like this..A friend of mine today said " We settle for the alternatives/second best because we can't always get what we want.. " I said yes very loud and clear 5 hours ago.. and now esp after writing the lyrics and with "my hope and faith and what not" I can debate over this for hours.. May be, I should hit the bed now!! :) 


  1. call it conicidence but i just commented on your previous post that i wish you'd just write on... :)

  2. It is good to have you here .. :)
    You have been absconding from this blog page.. :)

  3. I'm sorry but you knw what I've been busy with :(

  4. I totally agree about "hope".. Its hope that keeps one alive n motivated.. My favourite movie Shawshak redemption preaches that exactly

  5. I totally agree about "hope".. Its hope that keeps one alive n motivated.. My favourite movie Shawshak redemption preaches that exactly