Saturday, March 24, 2012

~~~ We are going to be Friends~~~

Hello New Friend,

Some days I am the Queen. I think out loud, I am the Be all and end all.
Some days I am the Gambler.. I call the shots, I take my chances , I risk it all..
Some days I am the artist.. I create my thoughts, I give them shape, I bring them to life..
Some days I am the actor.. I hide my feelings, I wear my mask and just smile..
Some days I am Me.. No pretensions, No Make up,The Erratic and Quirky me !!

Yes .. I am full of quirks.. and I am erratic also..It is difficult to be with me at times. I am good at testing patience, Nagging, forgetting things..
I can have a hearty conversation with you one day and then I will go on without talking for days altogether.
I don't put my thoughts in words perfectly.. The sentences are often half baked. In an argument I never give the "Smart" replies. I don't like to stretch an argument esp if you are being too annoying.
I like to hold back my tears.. Crying in front of someone is my worst fear..!!
I have shortcomings and a lot of them.. I am Imperfect and so are you.. You don't become great for accepting  me with shortcomings.
I don't keep any scores, I don't count the number of things that I do for you and also I will never remind you of the things done by me in the past for you... I expect the same... If you do something for me.. don't Yap about it.. Your yapping will not help.. You will end up losing Respect!

I don't like drama in life, I don't create scenes and expect the same.. I like well balanced people.. If you can hold yourself tight and straight during the crunch time and talk things out later.. I will genuinely appreciate it!
I like confident, emotionally secured, optimistic and cheerful people...!!
Also, I am never a victim, I am never a fallen Hero and I hate people who victimize themselves for no reason.
I will stop being your friend the day you will compare our miseries/ bad fortune.

Remember one thing..The day you will accept me for who I am..We will become friends!!

Yours Truly..
Lil Miss Sunshine

P.S : It is a White Stripes song.. A really cute song :)
"and when I wake tommorow I'll bet
that you and I will walk together again
cause I can tell that we're going to be friends"


  1. Finally we hear from our lil miss sunshine!! :)

    Reading this made me feel like you took a lil jog around my brain and then wrote a post about what you saw :)

    I smiled at each and every line! :)

  2. Hey Gunj!!

    Thanks a lot!!
    Every single word came from inside..
    So I understand the reason behind your smile..

    trust me I wanted to go on with that letter!!


  3. :) :)... Wow... Thats nice... But why suddenly... What i do n what i expect... Where suddenly everything is coming from...?????

  4. what happened?? from where did all the anger come?? or I am taking it wrong..!! is someone pushing you??