Saturday, March 24, 2012

~~~Shiny Happy People~~~

It has been ages since I have come here and poured my heart out!!
I had no intentions of doing so until now..

It is a beautiful day with 15 + degrees.. My legs are still sore from a marathon run last night :)
(I went to the forest to run last night.. It was nice.. I was scared but I kept going!!)
I woke up at 7:00 am fresh as a daisy.. Talked to my people..Enjoyed my morning coffee and then an after coffee..
Oh and How could I forget.. Listening to some good music.. in the background
and reading my library issued book. The moment one of my songs played on the radio I came here to write..
Didn't I tell you that music tickles me .. :) I relate to the songs, to the meanings, to the rhythm, to the stories behind the songs.. I love everything about music...
Some songs are just me... They do the talking.. I always have songs playing in my head whenever I am in a difficult situation.

I know this post is again on the lines of "How I love my music, what it means to me blah blah blah".
I love my Saturday morning!!  In a few hours I will be off to watch a Hindi movie in Nuremberg..
Followed by some shopping. The days are getting longer and brighter and shinier and I loving every bit of it.

I have started skating again.. Biking again.. feels like my life is back!!!!
I love this little town.. Being in this town is like being in love.. A walk around it fills me in with cheer, positivism, life, I feel all is right with the world and the people in it...
I feel I am in love with this little town..!!

There are no updates.. All is good with the world!!
Gosh, I am awfully cheerful today..I hope the feeling continues..!!!

Stay with me..
P.S: One of my favorite REM track.. I am one of those today.. "Shiny Happy People"
Everyone around love them love them
put it in your hands take it take it
there's no time to cry happy happy
put it in your heart where tomorrow shines
gold and silver shine


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