Thursday, March 8, 2012

~~~See Me, Feel Me ,Touch Me, Heal Me~~~

I have been a little busy lately.. The work is a killer these days..

No complaints.. !!! "When life gives you lemons make lemonade.. ".So now I have started hitting the gym at 6:00 AM..This has been a pleasant surprise .. never thought I had it in me..!!

It is Friday already and it doesn't feel like a weekend :( . I have to work this weekend too!!
Let's not focus on the negative things..I came here to Brag.. !! Brag about what??

So, I have finally managed to strike off the 4th thing from my bucket list.. I finally managed to watch the epic Rock Musical .. "The Tommy" by one of my favorite bands of all time .. "The Who".
Last weekend I was in Frankfurt for 4 hours to watch this Rock Musical..
And trust me it was the most magical moment of the year so far...!! I have always loved their songs.

The album by The Who was so successful that a movie was made on it by the same name.The film had Tina Turner , Eric Clapton, Jack Nicholson, Elton John etc.
The story of Tommy is about a boy named Tommy who after witnessing the accidental murder of his mother‘s lover by his father, is so traumatized that he becomes deaf, dumb and blind. It is about how he suffers in the hands of friends and relatives.How his parents, try desperate methods to restore Tommy’s senses. One day his cousin accidentally puts him in front of a pinball machine, and he discovers his skills and thats how he becomes the “pinball wizard” and eventually a cult idol.

After 16 years, the rock musical is finally back here in Germany. It is directed by Ryan McBryde (The full monty fame).. It was the most amazing performance ever!!
I always wanted to see this. Last year , I couldn't go there because of the conflicting travel plans.This year I just decided to go for it!!I loved the music, the performance It was amazing.. After the performance the audience in the theater got up for the much deserved standing ovation and everyone burst in to the Famous .. "See me . Feel me , Touch me, Heal Me.. " and Tommy the Pinball wizard.

It was a good day.. An action packed day.. I left for Frankfurt at 1:00 from my place and reached Frankfurt at 5:30 PM.. had a quick lunchinner ( Thanks to Gunj for teaching me this word :))
and saw the musical.. got out at 10PM and boarded the 10:30 PM train and ended up reaching my place at 4 in the morning. Sunday was working for me.. I don't know how productive I was that day.. but elated for sure!

I am so glad I made this list.. I am doing things that I always wanted to do... !!I don't want to waste an year doing nothing.. I want to proudly look back next year and say "Well done.."

I have written enough for today..I will be back soon...!!

Here is to doing things !!!

P.S Quite obvious.. :) The song is by the band The Who.. One of the best !!
"Listening to you, I get the music
Gazing at you, I get the heat
Following you, I climb the mountain
I get excitement at your feet"

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  1. This meant something to me : 'here's to doing things' !!! Cheers!

    Proud of you girl!