Friday, March 9, 2012


My Favorite time of the week.. Friday evenings..
It is so amazing how time changes.. an year ago I would have said..
"I love those noisy,partying Friday evenings.." Of late I have really started enjoying the quiet Friday evenings..

I bake what I feel like , My kitchen is my play ground.. I forget about losing weight, counting calories...
I open my favorite bottle of wine and relish every bit of it... I play the music, I sing my songs .. , I read my books, Think about my people, talk to my friends and more often than not blog what I feel like..!!!
Call me old.. may be I am getting older but at least enjoying the things along way..That has got to count for something.. Right!!

I have no weekend plans.. Gymming, Exploring my little town a bit, Skating, writing... may be a quiet dinner with my Macedonian friend.. She is insanely crazy I have to admit that.. We get along like a house on fire.I like that in people.. with some the conversations flow..
They make you feel at ease.. They bring out the best in you!!

I have started with one more thing.. I have started writing lot's of letters , The good old fashioned letters
One day, I will post them all.. I have written them in colored inks.. with my best handwriting..
When I wrote the first one, I had the intention of posting it.. but then I changed my mind.. and It has been lying on my desk every since.I ended up writing a few more after that. One day I will post them all...!!!
Actually I am all for the cause of writing the letters.After all a hasty,sloppy  handwritten letter once changed my life..!!
If I don't end up posting these letters then one day when I am old(with lots of Grand-kids) I will scan and post these letters here..and we will all laugh about my Handwriting, My overwhelming emotions and thousands of other things..!!

Woaahh ..!! I am already brimming with emotions right now..
Time out!
P.S : This song is by Paramore.. This one is my favorite Friday night song.. Don't ask me why !!
Quite an optimistic, light, feel good song..

"Holding onto patience wearing thin
I can't force these eyes to see the end
If only time flew like a dove
We could watch it fly and just keep looking up"

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  1. This just reminded me yet again you never got my letters. I sent two of them. :(