Tuesday, January 31, 2012

~~~Rock and Roll All Night ~~~

An year older.. ( Hell yeah!!!)
An year wiser...( May be , who can tell.. :))
An year to be better ... (It is a constant struggle..)
An year to live life more... !!!

So I thought of a blog post..and here I am
The birthday started in style.. I dozed off right at 9 in the evening and the doorbell rang right at midnight. I was surprised to see my friends with cake and gifts..
(Considering the fact that the weather is -8 degrees Celsius right now and it is quite windy I was not expecting any midnight bash. To be honest, my house is a little farther than the town.It is a good walk of 2-3 kms from their place..)
I should say I was Impressed!!!

I was looking like a zombie ,I tidied up a bit and then came the favorite part: Blowing the candles and wishing and eating the cake.. :) I was given a good Cake Facial and the Cake Hair SPA.I was least bothered about tidying up again..!!

Apart from the midnight celebrations.. There were two really nice things that happened.
My sister sent me the sweetest email.. right at midnight, It is so amazing to see how people turn things around.
Another thing that happened was my friend Hemant smsed me right at midnight which was really cool.
We have known each other for a long time.. He was my first neighbor in Hyderabad..we used to meet each other at terrace every night..
He used to be with his camera clicking the night shots , Me on my phone.. :). That is how we got on to talking and became good friends. Anyhow , he moved to UK,I came here , He went back to India, He is coming back to UK in 2 weeks.All this while , we have stayed in touch, discussed our highs and lows etc etc..

Life is calm at the moment and  I like the calm feeling , It makes me see the easy peaceful side of life.
I enjoy being at ease with my life... I love it!!

About my bucket list, Well the program is still on. So far I have just accomplished 1/25.. but c'mon I have full 11 months to go.. I will finish it before my next birthday for sure...!!
Stay Tuned to this channel... !!

Here is to a wonderful day ahead and happiness throughout the year....!!!!
P.S: The post title is a song by the band KISS. I like it.. :)It is a feel good peppy rock song.
Just what I need at 3:41 am on my birthday!! Time to rock and roll...!

I wanna Rock and Roll all night and party every day...


  1. Dude!!!! Happy birthday!!

    Wish you a fabulous year ahead! And all the very best with ur bucket list :D


  2. Chhoti chhoti khushiyan. :)

    Happy birthday! :)