Tuesday, February 7, 2012

~~~One Moment in Time~~~

I am breaking the pattern here...
I am blogging on a Tuesday and not on a Friday...!!!

I just wanted to come and brag about Instagram.. My new love!
It feels so good to be able to share the experiences through photos... To be able to tell the stories.. to "picture" your thoughts... It feels good...!!!I am not even a good photographer.. In fact I can't even tell the difference between an SLR and a DSLR..!All you need to have is an eye for "the moment..."!!
Connecting the moments with the perfect thoughts does the trick..

Life is good at the moment... I am trying to make every second count...!!!
Learning new things, experiencing different things and trying to be a better person..
I have become more tolerant of things.. I am not that explosive anymore.. The fiery side is gone..
A few episodes happened which left a very bitter feeling..
an unsettling feeling, an uneasiness, an unfinished business of sorts... but, then I started looked at the positive side... It showed me/taught me to be careful of my surroundings, be careful of my money, be careful of the usage of words, be careful of people changing colors the moment things turn for worse,of how it is only about the Money at the end of the day for some people and how much it matters to them sometimes even more than the person.....! I have learnt my lessons and wont be repeating the mistakes again!

May be it is true that time heals everything... and the bitterness will be gone in another couple of years..Probably I will forget all about this... think that's me growing old talking!!!
I love my latest version 1.1.. !!!!

So, on this note .. I am signing off !
I will be completing 5 years with this blog on 09th / Feb .. It feels good....!! Really good!
P.S The song is by Whitney Houston...
The song was written for the Olympics.. very inspiring...!! It speaks about my emotions perfectly.
The thing that I mentioned earlier about photography .. that it is all in the moment and how we express!!
Give me one moment in time,
when I'm more than I thought I could be,

I see you all confused. Let me just stop here and stop explaining the correlation :).


  1. Good luck for your creative journey ahead Shilps!

    You, your time and all ur talents deserve more than to be wasted on some silly people!

    Forget it and rock on ahead! :)


  2. @Gunj.. I agree.. and with time accepted this :)