Sunday, February 26, 2012

~~~ In My Life ~~~

The good time started from Friday..!! It was a long awaited get together with a couple of close friends in Nuremberg.

We went to this most awesome Mexican place ever!!! It was classy, actually the word that I should use is Rustic.. I love those rustic Mexican restaurants. Mexican places are meant to be rustic.. that's how they should be. This Mexican restaurant had the typical decor.. Furnished with the dark wood furniture, sombreros ,typical Spanish colonial doors, tissue paper flowers, Mariachi music in the background. Fancy Spanish words scribbled somewhere.. everything about that place screamed Mexican. The cocktails were amazing they served them in the 500ml glasses (Do you believe that ?) It was a wonderful evening. The place was packed and the ambiance was perfect for a dinner with the closed ones/ groups .. (Candle lighting..). To be honest I have a thing for Mexico.. be it the food, the people ohh and don't forget the Beer.. That's the place where I really want to go... !! Someday!

The weekend went well.. Well rested, well balanced, well enjoyed..I did well this weekend ,mostly!!.. I made orange marmalade at home.. (Thank you.. Thank you..)..   The weather is great  these days and is perfect for the outdoor sports.. Today I took my skates out and it started raining (Timing... sigh).. so decided to hit the gym instead.

A Long lost friend of mine pinged me on Friday. I was thinking about that friend in the morning and then got a ping later in the day..The same thing happened again, not once but  twice over the weekend with different people.. So the theme got stuck in my head and just scribbled something down.. Gibberish mostly!

Hello You!! The long lost one..
Smile and tell me your story..
It's been a while since you have been gone..
Sit and talk about the old glory..

Let's put the pieces back together
It is time to write a new chapter..
This time with new stories , joys and laughter,,
one step after the other and we will be closer..

Hello you!!The long lost one.
It's been so good finding you again..
It is another day .. Let's begin..
This story is never going to end!!

(My pathetic attempt at rhyming again.. I don't know why I always try to rhyme my compositions these days... I don't come from that school of thought though!! I feel that emotions don't come out well.. The trade off is between the perfect word and the rhyming word..So I feel better off without it.I like the rawness of a composition. I don't prefer writing the polished compositions with perfect rhyming words yet I have just finished writing one(I am totally out of pattern at times..)!!

Have a good week..
P.S The song is by Beatles.. "In My Life.."
Sometimes I feel that they have songs for every moment.. Now that I am ending this post on Lost friends..
It makes sense to have this as the post title.. This song get's on to me. Every time I hear this song I think about the old times, the old friends etc etc.. Lovely lyrics and beautiful music..

"Though I know I’ll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I’ll often stop and think about them
In my life I love you more
In my life I love you more"


  1. where art thou?? we are missing some inspiration here in blogville!!

  2. Most Mexican style menus are enormously varied and feature a wide array of seemingly endless options. There is usually something on those big menus of most Mexican restaurants that will suit the most discriminating palate. :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. These days there are so many choices when we decide to dine out, and one of the most rapidly increasingly popular options is Mexican restaurants. Mexican food has a reputation for being spicy, and if you wish to try a spicy dish, then a hot chilli con carne could be a great start. My favorite!!