Friday, February 3, 2012

~~~ A hazy Shade of Winter ~~~

Another Friday...!
Some days are meant for relaxation... and getting your spirit back.
It is just one of those days...
I did quite a lot today but now when I think about it... I feel that it was relaxing.
It is freaking cold here... The weather is -17 today. I left from work late, did my regular grocery shopping,
reached home and breathed a sigh of relief.. It was so crazy walking outside in the cold. The feeling that I got the moment I stepped inside the house was heavenly.

So I baked just like every other Friday... I am in love with cookies these days, today I tried the various kinds.....Chocolate chip, raisin cookies, Coconut cookies... I was trying to act very cool while baking..
For ex..Using the vessels edge to break the egg ( Trust me ... I am very bad at that... ). I am the kind of girl who is capable of spilling ketchup on her clothes even when there is no ketchup in her sandwich.

Assorted Cookies...

I did the biggest thing today.. I cleaned my closet, arranged my clothes properly and people who know me they know that it really is a big deal for me.

I am the kinds who would keep the entire house clean ( I am paranoid about my house and surroundings...) and the moment you open the cupboard you will see clothes falling off... I have this tendency to overlook my closet..  and it took me exactly 1hour and 10 minutes to arrange my closet.. color wise, clothes type wise, frequency wise... and I have come to the conclusion that I have enough clothes to last a lifetime..  No More shopping for at least a couple of months... Now my new sorted cupboard looks so cool and pretty...

Apart from that.. My childhood friend pinged me.. well she was brimming with emotions today.. and we had a heart to heart talk.. It felt good really good. It is so amazing how we still feel connected...
We don't talk on a daily basis.. but yet every time we talk.. I have this pride of  knowing her more than most of  the people around her.. after all we have  shared our lunch boxes for god knows how many years...!!

I was talking to another friend.. Gunj.. and we started talking about the friends from college...
About the people left behind... and we both agreed and were kind of amazed with the fact that ..we just think about the people left behind and not think about the people who are still with us.. which is a rarity these days
considering the fact that the relationships are so fragile...!

Talking about the relationships, I was surprised to see so many birthday calls from close friends
considering that I am not on FB and they remembered...It felt good..
With some people, the warmth and affection was everywhere .. in every word, in every letter in everything...that it felt really good... However there were a few cases where it was more of a formality for them. Something that needed to be done. Something to get off the chest...!!! It was pretty apparent from the way they wished me, the things that they said... may be the unsaid things...!!! Relationships... **Sigh**.
Anyway, My Birthday cake photos..

Last night, I went out with my Macedonian friend .. and another very close friend for dinner..
We talked, talked and talked... :) The conversations flowed with ease as always.. I look forward to my outings with them..!!

I have no weekend plans.. I have decided to hibernate this weekend. A very good friend of mine is coming back to Germany for a quick vacation and I hope to catch up with him!!!

There are things to look forward to, there are plans to look forward to...
Amen to that!

The song is by Simon and Garfunkel..
The song is about Winters. It is cold.. really cold and I just think of this song when I am out...
But look around, the leaves are brown
And the sky is a hazy shade of winter


  1. :) a lovely little blessed life you have there :) Live it all up I'd say :)

    Was so nice talking to you today! Can't wait to see you in London...and have you bake something here!

    BTW your house must smell real nice on Fridays!!!

    have a great weekend ahead :)

  2. I liked this one.. for obvious reasons!! :)