Tuesday, February 14, 2012

~~~Fields of Gold~~~

I am just back from my trip to belgium..
I had not much expectations from the place and I was not disappointed also..

I have updated the photos on Instagram.. !!! :)

The snippets /highlights from my trip..

* Friday evening the Nuremberg station was buzzing with so many people and there were so many activities going on.The spirit was everywhere.. The spirit of the weekend. I had a good meal at the station.. enjoyed the quiet time. It is so strange even though there were noises coming from all directions.. It felt pretty quiet!!
I had my fingers crossed for this trip... The last two trips resulted in two fights .. I didn't want the repeat!

* I reached Brussels on time at 6 in the morning and took a train to Antwerp..
I was stunned to see the Antwerp Centraal station. It was magnificient.
I had a good breakfast.. I associate good breakfasts with successful trips..
In my opinion A day that starts well ends well..

* Me and a couple of friends roamed around in Antwerp.. It is a port city. It is the second largest city in Belgium.The financial hub of Belgium..
The legend has it that a mean giant/monster controlled the river toll on the river Schelde.
He used to ask for exhorbitant tolls and some times he refused to allow the passage.
If people refused he would cut their hand and throw it in the river..
One fine day a brave, young Flander called Brabo slew the giant. Then he cut off the giants hand, and threw it across the river.Thats how The city of Antwerp came to known as... The "Hand" (pronounced like "haunt") is the Flemish word for "hand." "Werpen" means "to throw."
Thus the city came to be known as "Handwerpen" in ancient times. Since the flemish couldn't pronounce H it changed to Antwerpen..
(The game of Phonetics..)

* We checked the Stadhuis (The state house) and the Onze Lieve Vrouw church from near the station .
OLV is one of Antwerp's best known monuments and really the most beautiful.
We also went to the River side..Even though it was cold.. The river had a calming effect. 

* Partying in Leuven till 4 in the morning and Hitting brussels after eating home made chicken curry :)

* Roaming around in Brussels aimlessly in snowfall.. We were looking for some coffee shops and seriously I couldn't find any coffee
shop in the downtown market..!! So not all of Europe is about cafes.. (The same was the case when I went to Croatia,Spain and Portugal).Of course we found one typical Belgium Waffle house and had crepes and waffles etc etc.. It was the "Meal" of the trip...!! I wasn't much impressed with Belgium compared to Germany.. But I am biased :)

Coming back to my mundane routine.. I am working out daily.. Running decently these days...!!
Cooking well .. catching up with friends regularly.. No complains..!

One more important thing, This blog has completed 5 years here...!! It feels good .. really good. 
It is like growing up with someone..Someone who has seen your good and your worst. Someone who never judged you and accepted you the way you are..!! I plan to continue this relationship with my blog for years to come..!

Today is Valentines day.. and I could see the excitement in the office.. People making plans with their partners etc etc.. I have never been that kind of girl ...!! I never celebrated Valentines day during the school and college days.. It somehow didn't appeal to me to celebrate one day with the special someone.. Of course and I always thought that it was over hyped by Archies and Hallmark..!! It is not my thing!
I could never understand how could people declare their undying love just one day.
I have seen cases where the undying love was declared every single day and the moment something went wrong the mud slinging started..!
It ain't for me..!

That's it for now..
P.S : The song is by Sting.. It is a ballad of lovers walking together in "fields of gold"
It talks about eternal love and not the "good times" love only..
It is about people who love each other for good or for worse...!!
They accept each other the way they are and never talk about the others Limitations..!
It is about love.. but not the "Valentines Day Spl" Love.


  1. congoz on the 5 yr anniv :)

    Thank your stars ure not on FB...I almosted choked to death seeing ppl's open love letters to each other on my timeline! Yuck max!

  2. People spending more time on showing love to the others who are not not even interested.. Than spending and showing it to that "One" Person..!