Monday, February 20, 2012

~~~Dancing in the Dark~~~

So I am back from Köln and Düsseldorf ..
I am back from the weekend of Colors, Unending parties,Laughter, Joy, Food....

Nordrhein-Westfalens area in Germany is famous for its wealth and Karnival.. Düsseldorf is the capital of the Nordrhein -Westfalen state .
It has ports, Big buildings , The famous shopping Boulevard -  Konigsalle...
It is situated on the Rhine-Ruhr region.. It is a beautiful city and the Karnival fever was on its full force here as well...

The highlights were ...
*** Reaching Dusseldorf at 9 Pm on Friday and by the time I ventured out for dinner the dining places were closing down.I had skipped my lunch so was hungry like crazy.I went to this awesome Indian place for dinner ( To be honest .. I was kind of apprehensive initially..) It was a good decision and I had an awesome Indian meal. It couldn't have better :) . The ambiance was mind blowing and there was some Punjabi music in the background to add as a filler.

*** I had a Pro-DSLR camera with me for this trip.. The experience was awesome and now I am actually toying with the idea of buying a good camera. I finally know the difference between an SLR and a DSLR.
So, I ventured out @night in Dusseldorf for some night photography. It didn't seem like night at all.. Every body was on the streets with their costumes on.. The atmosphere was electric.

*** Saturday Morning breakfast at Starbucks.. I love breakfasts and they make days so much better.
The Warmth of Coffee and the Comfort of a cookie...!
*** Roamed around in Dusseldorf.. enjoyed the festivities.. saw the beautiful city.. and roamed around more It was a perfect day. The weather was meant for the sightseeing ..

We have always held to the hope, the belief, the conviction that there is a better life, a better world, beyond the horizon.
*** The city was lovely and clean and beautiful , The people were buzzing with energy.. There was laughter all around, Joy all over, Good energy and cheer. It really felt good in a long time. All these factors were kind of responsible in making my trip a wonderful memory. I detest and run away from people who are filled with negative energy , who are always looking for the wrongs, People who always crib, People who always have this "I am a Victim" expression on their face..Life is too short and better enjoy it the best way!!

*** The moment I stepped out of the Koeln Bahnof ( Railway station) . It was D moment.. My eyes popped out, My mouth was wide open. In front of me was the most beautiful cathedral ever. It couldn't have been more beautiful.. It was huge.....!!! ( Photos later..)

*** Koeln was fun, full of cheer... It was like everything was dressed to kill..!!
There was attitude, spirit , cheer in the air...

Attitude@ Karnival..

*** The Parade was the most beautiful part of Fasching... There was color everywhere...
Gay Parade.. The Cause @ Karnival...

*** There are more photos and would be posting them on Instagram.. 
My costume was a hit .. I was the musketeer :) 
I went to a classic German pub filled with the old timers... dancing to the German music and singing German songs.. I knew a couple of German songs.. :) Music Certainly has no language.. I love these songs and the moment the pub played these songs I was singing at the top of my voice... 99 Lufteballoons by Nena , Marius Mueller Westernhagen.. beautiful song..
I was chatting with the other homies and we all bonded over Beer and the German music.. I was determined this time to converse in German and to my surprise I did well.. :)

So pretty much this was my awesome trip..
Coming back to my bucket list... (Remember for the year 2012...?) I have completed 2 things..
  1) To attend the Karnival...
  2) To wear Orange pants to work/ outing etc etc.. ( Yes I did it.. :) . I bought bright new Orange Pants.. I wore them to work and then during an outing also... ( Stop giving me those looks.. :) I am all about color these days.. C'mon..!)

Enough for the day..
Time to rest and relax..
P.S: It is a faous song by Bruce Springsteen. I kept on thinking this song during the Night Photography session @Dusseldorf..!!
"You Can't Start a fire, You can't start a fire without a spark..
This Gun's for hire, even if we are just Dancing in the Dark"


  1. Happy Happy Happy!! :)

    Stay forever! You. Good Times. Color. Everything. :)

  2. Orange pants! :D also about color these days! I am more of multi coloured...muffles, sweaters, -tshirts, footwear! :D