Sunday, January 15, 2012

~~~Old days~~~

I have had an excellent week and an even better weekend.
The life is good in general..I am looking forward to the week/ weekends ahead.
Some good friends are going to be in town, Some celebrations, Some excitement in the air. There are things to look forward to..

I ran 25-30kms this week, cooked good food, had some pleasant outings , did some shopping too..
I hope the momentum continues..
Before I forget .. The song that has really caught my fancy these days is:

I really don't know what is it about Music that attracts me..May be it let me see things with a different perspective.
I was talking to someone about the good ole FP days in Hyderabad. He said something and it is now stuck in my head.. "But it'll not be the same. Ever."

(For people who are new to this blog.. FP was a pub is Hyderabad. I used to go there with the "Gang" almost  every weekend. The place has witnessed almost all the landmark events of my life from 2006-2010. They used to play some good old classic rock. The food was great, The Happy Hours were even better,The Bar was excellent. It was a good place to be!!! Most of the times we used to sit on the bar hockers or just stand there.Under its roof we have discussed almost every damn thing in the world right from the goodness of Happy Hours to our shady fundas. I am already nostalgic.. :) Reminds me of a line from a song....
"All that stupid fun, all the shit weve done. Where'd the good times go?)

It was in the past and if I were to ever go back to being a FP regular again I don't think it would be the same.They still have the same decor.They play the same music.They serve the same food.The price is still the same (Most Important :)).The staff is still the same yet I don't think that if from today I start going there again with the same people I would have the same feeling.. or if it would continue to carry the same importance..

Those were the days and I don't want to have them again.. It would be like killing those moments.. simply overwriting the old FP chapter with the new one.. Hell no, I ain't ready for that. Every time I think about those days it brings a smile to my face.. Those days were perfect , they are preserved like that and I want to remember them just like that.

I think I am very possessive about my memories.. In fact I should be..
Be it about a food joint, a book, a person.. I am possessive about my attachments and memories..
Well the cases where friendships or relationships have gone sour.. I still cherish the good times. 
Of course the bitterness comes in.. but I see the bigger picture and forget about it.
I am no God to forgive people considering the fact that I have made equal mistakes if not less..
Anyway it is over when it is over... The best part is to remember the good times and move on...!

A wise man once said.. 
"If you spend your life regretting things in the past, before you know it... you will have wasted your life on regret"

I think I have gone on a different tangent here...!! Anyway It was nice coming here and writing whatever came to my mind..

Before I sign off...
A friend of mine complimented me on my writing.. and even suggested me to write a book.. ha ha ha 
(I am flattered..!!!) Some day I will do that and trust me your name will be on the first page...

Another friend said.. (I am copy pasting her gtalk comment.. with her permission of course..:)
" It is not about the perfect posts.. C'mon it is not an essay competition. You don't think twice before writing, The flow in your posts really gets my attention.. You don't come out as a loser/achiever/victim in your blog.. You just look natural.. You give words to my thoughts at times"

I am touched.. Really touched. It feels good. I am really happy!

Here is to the old memories.. , new memories , the pleasant memories...

P.S : The song is by the band Chicago.
Do I really need to explain this.. ? The name says it all..
"Old days - in my mind and in my heart to stay
Old days - darkened dreams of good times gone away
Old days - days of love and feeling fancy free
Old days - days of magic still so close to me
Old days - in my mind and in my heart to stay
Old days - darkened dreams of good times gone away
Old days - days of love and feeling fancy free
Old days - days of magic still so close to me"


  1. @ you not wanting more of FP...simply've grown up! :) its so easy to just sit and thing about the good old times and want just a little more. Its so easy to say "I wish life hadnt changed!" but to say that i'll let that be and I am ready for the new things life has to offer...that only comes to a sorted few:)

    I am so happy for you that you've found your piece of peace in life! Now you can concentrate on the bigger/better/different things! :)

    @your blog...your posts are as uninhibited as a young girl's can be...with a big pinch of maturity and sensibilty! I love reading it and staying in real touch with a dear friend!

    Like I've said before...keep it awesome!

  2. Gunj: Never thought that anyone would understand the post... But you did it right !! Just the way it is.. Love it!
    The comment is so heartfelt :) and it feels good to read your comments.. I like It!!

  3. It's surprising how today morning I was discussing with a friend of mine, my inability to easily let go of the past and people and memories. And your post is about all of what we discussed today. :)