Sunday, January 1, 2012

~~~ New Beginnings~~~

So how was the first day of the new year ...?
Mine was perfect... Just the way I want every other day to be this year...

Read on..!!

31 -Dec-2011
The new years eve was good.. had a quiet dinner and then went to Nuremberg to see the firecrackers.
Came back home "sober" and "Awake" .. watched some nice videos and dozed off..

I woke up early... Talked / wished/ gossiped early in the morning and went off for a nice workout..
2 hours later I came back home exhausted.. Talked/wished/gossiped and yeah in between did some cleaning also.
Cooked a good lunch .. enjoyed my lunch with some psychological thriller series... Talked / wished/Gossiped and then did my favorite thing in the world... Baking!
Do you remember my German baking book... ? So I opened it again today and I tried 2 recipes (In German , Mind you!) .. I tried w├╝rzig schoko muffins ( Spicy Chocolate muffins) and Zitrone Kuchen ( Lemon Cake)..
Well I make awesome Lemon cake.. but decided to give this recipe a shot. The result is pretty decent.
Baking... My life..

Zitrone Kuchen (Lemon Cake)

While I was baking my radio was on and the songs couldn't have been better :)
(Give a looksie.. I remember some of them...)

1) Behind Blue Eyes - The Who
2) Sweet Lord- George Harrison
3) Can I play with Madness -  Iron Maiden
4) whatever you want - Status Quo
5) Jessica - The allman brothers
6) For whom the bell tolls - Metallica
7) Light my fire - The Doors
8) Born to run - Bruce Springsteen
9) Dead Ringer for Love - MeatLoaf
10)Rock and Roll - Led Zeppelin
11) A Horse with no name - America

So my entry in to the new year( 2012 ) was quiet but decent!!!!!!
I wish every day of the year to be like this... (Amen)..


P.S : The title of the blog post is a song  by Tracy Chapman..I like the song..
A perfect song to start the first day of 2012..
Isn't it amazing that the song written so many years back since make sense to us in their own little ways..
I love Music...!!!
Frohe Neuses Jahr (Happy New Year :)
"We need to make new symbols
Make new signs
Make a new language
With these we'll define the world

And start all over
Start all over
Start all over
Start all over ..."


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