Thursday, January 19, 2012

~~~Live Wire~~~

I was just going through some 2010 football world cup matches..Yet again...!
I don't know what is it about football that attracts me, fascinates me. Every game is about pride and glory and so is football..
Be it the action packed 90 minutes or about the different emotions-aggression, despair, Happiness blah blah in together for those 90 minutes, Heroes being made in those 90 minutes.. New moments.. I love the game , I love the spirit, I love the cheer..
There is one thing is particular which I never miss while watching the game and that is the National Anthem..
I get goosebumps when the players of both the sides sing the anthem. It is such a beautiful feeling for me..
It is like you see the players through at that moment. They look unguarded, emotional and patriotic....!!!
I like that feeling...!!

Coming back to my world.. Life is good, it couldn't have been better. The weather has a great role to play for sure. It is not that cold and chilly. As a matter of fact it is quite pleasant.It rained today after two days of intermittent sunshine and it felt good.Even though I know I am falling sick(My best friends are here - Cold, Cough etc etc) I still feel good .My time in the gym is actually the "highlight of the day" these days. I just hope that the momentum continues. I am learning new things everyday be it in the kitchen, books, gym, running etc etc and  I really like it. There is so much to learn and practice.. and so less time. I don't know what an Aha moment feels like.. but everyday when I discover/learn/explore something new .. I term it as my Aha moment of the day.

I really need to catch up with some old friends. It has been a while and I have acted like a total jerk.
So it is time to get things right and in order. I need to get my act straight and call em.. They were always there for me.. and me.. ?

On this note of realization( That I have been a Jerk).. I will sign off...!

P.S : The title is a song by Motley Crue.. I associate this song with football.
The fast beats.., the peppy music.. I really don't remember the lyrics.. :)


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