Sunday, January 8, 2012

~~~Good Day Sunshine~~~

A beautiful Sunday...
The sad part is that the long weekend is coming to an end.. :(

The last two days were really amazing.. I am just recapping the highlights here.. 
Disclaimer: The highlights of my weekend might look out rightly stupid to you.. What the hell..!

  • Started my Friday on a good note.. I played my playlist back to back and after a good breakfast I was off for squash and some gymming and got back home with really sore muscles and that beautiful pain :). I baked the Mars Chocolate cake for a friends midnight birthday surprise.. !
  • Saturday started with some good workout followed by a lavish Indian meal at a fine dining place in Nbg ..I love Tandoori Chicken.. :).. I think it should be on the top 10 best inventions of all time..
  • My Sunday started in style..I was invited for a good English breakfast , a long walk, followed by some good German Lunch cooked by a good friend..!! In another few hours I will sulk about tomorrow..
It is a good weekend... I was able to catch up with all my close friends..
Had good food, good workout, good conversations, good cooking..
Ahh Cooking reminds me ... This weekend I baked two cakes..

1) The Mars bar Chocolate cake was for a friends birthday.. 
The Mars Chocolate cake...

2) The second was for my German friend who invited me for Lunch... Well I got some really good feedback on this cake.. :

The Marble cake with chocolate frosting...

Sorry had to post a second picture for the clearer view..:)

 Every time my cake comes out well I feel I am closer to my dream... Joining a culinary institute, Opening a bakery, Becoming a freelancer baker (Only on order..)
Every single cake which turns out well brings me a lot of joy and happiness... 
I feel like an artist giving shape to a concept, to an idea... Bringing the thought to the real world..
(Okay, I think I am sounding really disconnected here... but I can't explain this feeling...)

Apart from the disconnected thoughts there were two more episodes:
 One of my friends ..(Lets call him iMac.. he is from the Apple camp. You name it , he has it ...He played a significant role in developing my soft corner for the Apple products. I am sure he got this "cryptic" description :)) So the other day we were talking and he said something like ..
"I like the blogging you.." . I was just laughing about it but later on when I started thinking about it ... It really became the highlight of the day.. It was a good compliment!! 
Someone complimenting me for writing .. ( something which I still think that I don't have it in me...)

Again, one of my old friends.. ( Let's call him "The Traveler" . . again he will get this cryptic description... )
We chatted after quite a long time....
So the best part was that even after so long we still ended up talking about so many common philosophies, common favorite songs, common favorite movies .. (and here I am talking about the things recently developed.. recent favorite songs, favorite movies, new philosophies..)
You know how it is .. with some people you always find that common ground without any effort..

I think I have written quite a bit for today..
Before signing off.. I went for a long walk around the place where I stay.. and somehow my mind kept on thinking about the four lines from a song... (Thanks to "The Traveler" for reminding me this song again..)

The song is by Jamie Cullum.. and is the most beautiful song ever..

"these streets are old they shine
with the things I've known
and breaks through the trees
their sparkling
your world is nothing more than all the tiny things you've left behind"

I think the song is all about the bittersweet melancholy ..
Everything changes in life except for what you do not allow to change and they give you joy and happiness and you become their prisoner..  

Enough for today.. Time to Rest and Relax..
P.S : The blog title is a song by The Beatles..
It is nothing but a feel good song.. with really simple lyrics.. Perfect for a day like today!!
I need to laugh
And when the sun is out
I've got something I can laugh about
I feel good
In a special way
I'm in love and it's a sunny day


  1. When *A Blog* which has the following ingredients :
    1.Bakes nd Cakes
    3.Friendship (cryptic names ;))
    5.nd above all THE BEATLES for garnishing

    it becomes *THE BLOG*

    what else can you ask for in LIFE ;)....few lines that describes the above blog
    Speaking words of wisdom, let it be
    Let It be Let IT be...

    Keep Writing!!! :)

  2. Tarun,

    I am inspired.. :) What more can I say..

    The Beatles thrown everywhere on this comment makes it awesome...!!!!


  3. Your friend is so right! The blogger you is awesome! takes me on a new journey everytime!

    And those cakes! Oh man! I can't wait to place my order :D :D

  4. Gunj,

    Thanks :) Well You have to taste them to believe them :)

    I hope you start writing soon..


  5. Wow.. the cakes look yummmm-mmmyyy! :)
    Hoping to get a piece of them really soon.

    And congratulations on adopting Coco! :P