Friday, January 20, 2012

~~~The End ~~~

Thak thak thak..
The repetitive sounds of  thak thak thak.. woke me up from my slumber at 2:30 am.
My little apartment has two doors.One is a glass door which opens to the lawn and the other is the main entrance.
It took me a while to realize that the sound was coming from the main door.Had it been the glass door I would have quietly ignored as there is a black cat who is my nemesis and loves to see the scared look on my face.
The glass door had the blinds on so the cat was out of question.. This thought scared me even more. I was annoyed initially as the person outside should have rung the doorbell instead of doing Thak thak thak..
For someone to be outside the main door was difficult as the first hurdle would have been to get through the building door.

The smart thing would have been to ignore and sleep which of course I did not do. I got up from the bed and walked towards the door.. with the sacred look on my face and a prayer on my lips..
The song from The Doors kept playing in my head..
"This is the end..
My Only friend, the end..
No Safety or surprise .. the end
This is the end.."

For the first time in my life I felt the need of having a magic eye on the door (Which helps you in knowing .. what lies ahead on that side of the door..)

I had the option of not opening the door..which I did not exercise.. and I opened the door..
I saw a Man walking up and down the stairs with a stick which he was beating on the floor with his eyes closed. (He was walking up the stairs towards my door when I opened the door.. ) I almost shouted but there was no voice ... At that moment it felt that someone pressed the mute button.I realized that something was odd... and then on a closer look saw that his eyes were closed and in perfect motion he was walking up and down the stairs with his stick.. Then it occurred to me that he was sleep walking.. I closed the door immediately and stood there frozen. The heart was racing faster than a car on the highway. I stood behind the door for a good amount of time and then heard some noise again besides Thak Thak Thak...
His wife had come looking after him and took him back with her.

I could breathe again. The blood started circulating again.. The Blood Pressure came back to normal.
I came back to my bed with a sigh of relief, turned some music on, had a full glass of water, switched on all the lights and went off to sleep again to my dreamland where all was good with the world!!

Today morning I couldn't stop laughing about my odyssey last night. Yesterday's horror episode was today's comic chapter.. That's Life *sigh*

I hope you are also laughing reading this post...!!!
Waiting for your comments ....

P.S: The song is a famous song by The Doors.. The song was playing in my head last night..
Now that I think about it  I feel so funny .. I was thinking about the song "The End" when I really thought that this was it...!

P.S1: I will be posting again shortly with all the updates..


  1. Dude!! That was scary!! I would have ...I don't know done what...but definitely not laughed about it!!

    Someonez brave!

  2. Oh my god!
    After it's all over the comic timing sets in.

    And indeed life is like that, yesterday's horror is today's comic chapter! :)

  3. @Gunj : I am a chicken.. I chicken out!!! That was foolish :) not brave by any standards...

    @Tanny..I know.. we prepare ourselves for every situation and then it throws us totally off guard with a new twist :)