Friday, January 20, 2012

~~~Come Together~~~

Two posts in a day.. I am on a roll..woaah .. **Victory Dance**
It is a lonely Friday evening, It is finally snowing outside.. There is a chill in the air..I came back home at 8 with a wet winter jacket and loads of groceries in my hands.

I have been coughing and coughing and I already feel old.
I needed something to charge me up today..I needed something to feel good, I needed something to lift my spirits high..
So I decided to do the favorite thing in the world.. "Baking". I opened my German bakery book and settled down on a recipe..

Now Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you straight from the oven, Crisp like the autumn leaves, fresh like the early morning breeze, beautiful like the summer rain .. Okay enough of bad poetry :)

Chocolate chip biscotti, with an Italian wine and some candle for the glow.. :)

Chocolate chip biscotti..
As the Biscotti melted in my mouth the world looked beautiful again...and I felt alive again....!!!
I gave a batch to my neighbor also .. Last week he came down with a box of home made chocolates..
Being the Indian that I am .. I did not want to return his box empty so I handed him a box of my home made Biscotti....!!

The music, the baking, the wine they all did the trick.. !!!
I am looking forward to the weekend ahead.. I have targets to achieve this weekend.
Yes we shall discuss them at length once I have given my shot.

I will be back soon..
P.S : The song is by Beatles. The urban legend of this song is that it was written by John Lennon
to settle differences and reunite the band.. My state of mind is exactly like this at the moment..
Every inch of me is falling sick .. My mind is trying to keep every inch together, reunite and fight against the sickness.. "Come Together right now, Over me.."


  1. Is there no pic or I can't see one??

  2. @Gunj - I think you can't see the pictures.

    C2B- I love the pictures! And by the time you are back am sure you will be a baking pro C2B! :D

  3. @Gunj : The pictures are right there...

    @Tanny : Thanks :)I hope the same for me.. !