Friday, January 27, 2012

~~~ Born to Run~~~

Another weekend is staring me right in the face.. As always , I have plans and a lot of them..
There is a lot that needs to be done this weekend. I want it to be a productive weekend.

The last weekend was really relaxing, calming and in short good..
I was invited for a Hookah party and it extended till the wee morning hours.
The Sunday was again about some more baking.. A Macedonian friend of mine  took me out for coffee..
As expected we talked and talked and talked... !!( She has started reading my blog.. She must be smiling now.. :)).

The week was good. It was all about eating well, meeting friends and good times in general!! I did some decent running.. 18 kms so far( with 2 days to go...)
The interesting thing is that I have got a new iPhone.. (Yippie...).In my previous phone the home button was giving me some trouble.. and since my phone was under the warranty period so I decided to go for a phone replacement..
So they took my phone away for 2-3 days.. Trust me, I never felt so miserable..
It wasn't about the phone calls.. (They are scarce .. trust me ..!!)It wasn't about the smses (I only get the voice mail messages) .. It all came down to the Internet on my phone.. and how dependent I am on the internet.
(Mainly the games..) Be it about playing Call of Duty or Sudoku.. I missed my phone like anything.
I had no contacts on the replacement phone, no smses to games to play.. Life was tough!!!
The moment I got the new phone.. I downloaded all the games again.
The sad part is I am not able to restore my iTunes backup of the previous phone.. so I again have no data from the first phone.. :( .. I will have to start again, all over again.. !

There are no trips in the pipeline.. no interesting ventures..I am a little demotivated at the moment..
My mind keeps wandering somewhere in the lost space..
I am fighting for a lost cause.. Yet Again! It is tough.. but brings in a lot of perspective in life...
It gives you immense strength.. One thing is for sure.. I might be fighting for a lost cause but I am still going to see it through...It Doesn't matter where I end up. Not anymore !!! I am not here to give up.. I am going to stand tall and proud.. No Matter What!

Tomorrow, I am going for a Hindi Movie.. My 3rd Hindi movie in the movie theater in 2 years.. Hell Yeah, I am excited.. I have some pleasant memories from the last two movies..I hope the streak continues..

More updates later..
P.S The song is by Bruce Springsteen.. I always thought that the song was about some kind of Search..
How this search takes different forms over a period of time.. How the meanings change, the state of mind changes..For me right now it is about fighting for what I believe in..!!!


  1. I am living without my iPhone these days and I so without it is tough to say the least :P

    Its amazing how these small gadgets have completely taken over our lives!

  2. Q.1. What's the status of your before the birthday bucket list?

    Q.2. Which movie? :D

  3. :) Your Macedonian friend called today aw well but you didn't pick up on your new iPhone... Btw i am so proud for the 18 km, great job👍

  4. @Gunj : Like my dad says.. We are becoming the prisoners of Technology.. :)

    @Tanny.. So Far I have just accomplished 1/25 .. but the rest are in progress..

    @Anon aka Macedonian :) .. Nice to have you here!!