Friday, December 30, 2011

~~~ More Than a Feeling ~~~

The winters are beautiful and the vacations are even more beautiful...
A last few days left before we get on to the  business again.
The new years eve programs, planning.. there is so much in the air at the moment..

I am on a "movie watching "spree these days.. I am watching movies and movies and more movies..
Besides watching movies, I am cooking good food,working out a lot in the gym, running quite a bit and hoping to start playing squash again. Oh I forgot to mention my blogging .. :) I am blogging also decently these days.
Looks like almost all the important things of my life are back with me...( Still no shopping..  :))

Today I came up with the idea of jotting down "the things" which I find really comforting. I mean these are the things that happen again and again and I like the warm fuzzy feeling that these things leave behind for hours.
Ohh yeah I am going bullety again..

1) Some days I forget to leave the windows open in the morning. In the evenings when I get back home
there is always a faint trail of the perfume in the house... I find it very comforting.

2) Tucked in the quilt, drinking hot chocolate and reading a good book .. Ohh no I am not 13.
Some things are difficult to explain.

3) Rewinding the scenes again and again while watching a movie for a particular dialogue. Yeah I am crazy!

4) Suddenly songs pop up on the radio which meant something at some point of time..Every time that happens it brings a smile to my face. Music makes me go mad.....!

5) While reading a novel sometimes I get a déjà vu feeling. I feel like the character from the novel. It could be anything. It could be a scene from the novel, a line , a para ...!

6) Gazing at the stars while walking on the road. I find the feeling so comforting, so beautiful.I love the nights of thousand stars..!!! Yeah, I can be eccentric at times..!

7) Impromptu Ice cream sessions, Chocolate sessions.. ( Esp getting out the bed while pulling an all nighter to dig in to the chocolate box :))

There are many more such feelings, instances , things which happen again and again and again and every time they leave a nice feeling in the head.

I hope I end the year in the style!!!! I already have a sorta new years resolution..:)
To keep my wardrobe organized and neat!!!

Midnight thoughts :  2011 was also full of events for me.. People came and people left.
 I learnt new things, made some really good friends, misjudged many people, made mistakes in fact lots of them. Traveled far and wide.
I hope 2012 is better for all of us .. Amen!

P.S : The song is by the band Boston.The song title is self explanatory. My mind  ( or is it the heart where you get the feelings... ?)  is crowded with lots of feelings right now.. I jotted some of them.. but I am still figuring the rest of them.. :)

It is a beautiful song. It is about a guy who finds peace in his music..!
I woke up this morning and the sun was gone
turned on some music to start my day
I lost myself in a familiar song
I closed my eyes and I slipped away


  1. I agree with u for the point 6...

    Watching stars when its complete dark , its the most beautiful scene and a feeling.....

  2. Yeah.. I couldn't agree more..
    and thinking about the beautiful times along with that :)