Wednesday, December 28, 2011

~~~ Heart of Gold ~~~

It is my favorite time of the year ...I love year ends..
2011 is wrapping up and 2012 is standing right there waiting to be embraced.

Christmas was way too beautiful here.. Well it didn't snow, so that was one disappointing thing.
I like the lighting's, noise, decorations, delicacies.. I am too busy cooking / trying out new recipes the recent ones were.. Lemon Cake, Zucchini fritters, wedges etc... My gymming is still on track (touch-wood).Most importantly, I am catching up on my sleep these days.
The office is closed for 9 days and I am making most of it.
Life is really good (rather peaceful) at the moment. I have no resolutions for 2012.

I have started painting again.. Well, I don't want to share the details .. (I don't want to jinx it!)
The idea to paint again was not mine.. I was encouraged/ Motivated.. :)
There are two types of close people..
 1)Who encourage you, motivate you, spread positive energy in your life, they are cynical of you at times but they look at the good things and make you a better person. They look past your negatives. They accept you for your shortcomings and never make any fuss about it. They love you for who you are. Their love is unconditional and it does not sound like a favor.

2) They are cynical and always cynical of you...

Thank god type 1 outweighs the type 2 in my life.
2012 is going to be big for me.. really big and I am quite excited and nervous about it ..!
I hope it all goes well!!!


P.S : This song is by Neil Young for the Type -1 people in my life..They have brought so much peace and happiness in my life.. It is a beautiful song with beautiful lyrics...
"I'd cross the ocean for a heart of gold"
It is just my way of acknowledging them.. :)


  1. Shilpssss

    happy new year!!!!

    Have a rocking year ahead! Hugs!

  2. Waow, painting again! :)

    I asked Aditi also to start sketching/painting, she is so talented, usko bhi bolo na. :)

    And I would love to see your paintings some day, pleaaassee. :)