Friday, December 2, 2011

~~~Don't stop me now~~~

I casually mentioned this blog in my conversations with two of my friends..
They are relatively new in my life and they seemed interested so I shared the link with them.
To my surprise both of them read this blog and kind of had the same opinion about me..

They think that I have really changed in the last couple of years.. I don't think they are wrong.
One of them said the earlier posts were unguarded, open and not so politically correct.. and my reply was..
"It seemed the right thing to do at that time..."  and he argued how come it is not right now..
The argument (Healthy!) went on and on.. Well in my opinion nothing stays right or wrong forever.
It is all circumstantial.. what felt like the right thing two years ago does not seem right to me anymore..

I don't always see things in black and white.. I have room for the grey area as well...
Who knows may be after another 5 years I will be back writing the politically incorrect stuff.. :).
Till then you have to read the "Guarded Stuff" ..

I agree that I don't open up with my emotions so easily now. If there is anything wrong.. I don't like to whine, sulk and crib about it.I hate the thought of looking vulnerable to people around me..Life is too short and there is no point whining, cribbing and sulking. The idea is to put up a smiling "Guarded" face and beat it :) don't let any problem grow on you. I have always been a fighter.. !! A fighter who finishes.

Besides these personality disorders... My life is calm and quite at the moment.
I am living my Dilli vacation to the fullest... Trying to turn it in to something magical. Food is the main highlight and that goes without saying.. :)
I met a couple of close friends after a long time.. really long time.. and the feeling was really good.
One thing we all agreed upon was that almost all Dilliwallah's wherever they go they are always materialistic.. :)It is always about the car they drive, the property where they live in, the brands they wear .. actually that doesn't end there.. It is even about the gifts that you gift them.
Oh yeah, I am no saint.. We all walk the line.. one way or the other.

That is all from here..
P.S:  The post title is a song by the band Queen.
For a strange enough reason.. while writing this post I was thinking of this song again and again..
Since the post is mainly about the emotions and The song shows only one emotion - Energy . That's what I feel right now.. !!!


  1. At the cost of sounding repetitive - I can so relate to what you said here. In my case I feel I have dropped all opinions i ever held as well. I just cannot stand judgement any more. And I have absolutely no idea how i became like this...but thats me now. And I feel completely at ease too. Free flowing opinions seem like a thing of the past now...something i associate with younger people. Omg I already sound like and old woman, I should really stop talking.

  2. @Gunj : I couldn't agree more...
    It feels good to be not judgmental.
    I somehow feel uncomfortable in the company of my opinionated friends.

    Preconceived notions, Judgement , Opinions are the mother of all Fcuked up relationships, friendships..!!

    @Tanny : Email me your number baby..