Tuesday, December 13, 2011

~~~Dance 'til We're High~~~

I am back to the base.

There is no snow and The winters look beautiful..The houses look even more beautiful with all the decorations..The roads are shining black because of the light drizzles throughout the day.
The markets are adorned with the bright lights. Ohh yeah , It is the Christmas fever talking..
I love Christmas.It always brings out my cheerful side.
I am sad that the vacations are over..
but on the contrary I am excited about my family visiting me here.

I have resumed my running after 2 month hiatus.
I just ran for 2.5 kms yesterday and it took all my energy but I must admit..
The tougher part was getting on to the treadmill and starting it.
As a wise Man once said.. "The first step is the hardest".
At the moment,I can actually feel what a baby goes through when he takes his first step..
Needless to say the feeling is great. I hope to write more about that in the future.

The latest is that I have no travel plans at the moment. I just want to invest time in me, my creativity, my passions, But then again you never know, 'Cause there's too many places I've got to see.
The wild child is trying to hold on to the ground at the moment!!!


The title is a song by a Two member band "The Fireman" (Paul McCartney and Youth from Killer Joke).
It is a light, cheerful, straight, peppy Alternative song.
Reason : I am still suffering from the Holiday Hangover and the Christmas Season :).

We would dance
Light up the sky


  1. And why'd you resurrect your FB account and disappear (yet) again???

  2. Christmas has made me v happy too...for no reason at all! I wish it'd stay all year long!

  3. Eby : I did activate it and then looked at my "Meaningless" friends list barring a few the rest meant nothing to me. FB is not my ball game anymore.. There is too much Hypocrisy. It is for people who want the public acknowledgement/appreciation of their photos etc etc.. Gosh I am full of hate.. :)

    Gunj: I couldn't agree more.It helps to curb the negativity and the other depressing things in life. I have decided to celebrate Xmas by staying happy all year long.

  4. Sounds perfect. BTW do you have a recipe for a good - low cal - plum cake?? ;)