Thursday, November 24, 2011

~~~ This is the song that doesn't end ~~~

First things first..
It is good to be back home.. Eating my favorite food, sipping my favorite chai, enjoying my familiar surroundings, walking through the busy streets.. The feeling is good.
Well yeah I have some serious business at hand also, I have to do some crazy , serious thinking over a few things..
but that apart, the feeling is beautiful.

Almost all the other Indians at my workplace refer to going back home, or rather home as DESH (= Country).
When my sister was driving me down from the Airport.. It felt as an insult calling India = Desh.
C'mon, it is my country and it deserves better .. It has a name ( a real good one) then why the hell? 
I don't care about sounding cool as much as I care about respecting my country's name..

The first impressions of homecoming were good really good.
 I was mesmerized at the Dilli Airport .. It is a beautiful airport and the best I have seen so far.. ( I am biased :))
Nothing has changed.. It was a good feeling reaching home.. looking at the familiar paintings, framed pictures...etc etc..

I am ending this post here... I will be back with more..
Stay Tuned..!
P.S : The song is by a band Lambchops. I have the same feeling right now.. This song doesn't end.. it goes on and on.. (Amen to that).


  1. According to me, there's nothing wrong in refering to India as desh... It like calling it "apna desh"...

    Analogous to calling your mom mummy.. or your sister behen... that is how I think...

    It is no insult...

  2. Well.. To each his own..
    "Desh Jayenge".. "Desh mai yeh" etc etc.. I don't quite agree to the idea. It sounds like an insult to me.. and a lame attempt to sound cool..
    My country is my first identity and calling it as Desh is not exactly my idea
    Again that is my opinion..!!

  3. Home can never change...innit?? :)

    have a blast girl!