Saturday, November 5, 2011

~~~ That's why I am here ~~~

I was just too annoyed today.. too annoyed and I still am.. That is why I am here.. to spit out my anger.
Don't worry I wont bore you with the reason.. 

I tried everything , every damn thing to get it out of my system.. but the stupid thing does not go away.
I cooked early in the morning.. showed up at a friends house with lunch to have it with her and her daughter.

I played with her daughter for a while.. but no help..
I watched a stupid Hindi movie loaded with emotions.. which I think made the matters worse for me..
My mind was distracted for a while.. but then again I kept coming back to the same thing..
The thing about getting angry is..When you are angry/ annoyed/ irritated you expect things to happen in certain way (which you think would calm you down).. and when it doesn't happen you just end up going deeper and deeper..

Normally I can't stay angry/ annoyed for a long time.. The tolerance level is also kind of high..
Something ticked off yesterday and then it just got carried forward and turned in to anger.. 
Now I am angry and hurt and annoyed and hurt and irritated and hurt..
I thought of flushing the anger down with a couple of beers, followed by a couple of cocktails.. but I decided against that route...

Now while writing this blog post I suddenly realized that I did not even have a drop coffee today. 
May be that is why I am still annoyed and bitchy today. 
Coffee helps me calm down.. I normally become nervous when I am angry and not to forget fidgety..
I am too conscious of saying mean and rash things .. ( things I know I would not be able to take back and things that I really don't mean). 
It helps me relax and see things through. Yeah may be I am an addict..
I am addicted to coffee...

A Day like today makes me appreciate the simple things in life...The less complicated things ..
Here is to a better and a simple Sunday tomorrow..


P.S 1 : The blog post title is a song  by Kenny Chesney .. It is a beautiful song which talks about addiction ..
I esp liked the below part.. This is what I was referring to when I mentioned  "these angry days make you appreciate a normal day filled with the simple things even more..."
It's the simple things in life
Like the kids at home and a loving wife
That you miss the most, when you lose control
And everything you love starts to disappear
The devil takes your hand and says no fear
Have another shot, just one more beer
Yah, I've been there, that's why I'm here

P.S 2 : I might write something again very soon... ( Baby, we are talking about the hours here....All depends on how I hold up tonight.)


  1. Lovely post! Hope things have turned better for you by now :)

  2. Hi Nidhi,

    Thanks.. :) Well I have made my peace..
    I hate those little nagging things playing around at the back of my mind..
    The worse part is that there is always something that is the whole bloody problem I guess.


  3. :) lets chat up if u feel like...say what?

  4. Gunj,

    I am all in..
    add me on gtalk.. awasthi.shilpi

    It has been quite a while since we have talked..!!!