Thursday, November 24, 2011

~~~Holidays in the Sun ~~~

Check this website..

For all ya blogaholics it is a cool one. You can play around with the template, add widgets, Jazz it up.. :)
No I am not getting paid for advertising. I was checking this site long time back and then started writing this post.
I just thought of clearing my drafts and then it popped up.

I tried changing the template of my blog and the whole idea failed miserably. I am very bad at all this.
That reminds me I had plans for my own website long time back and then couldn't work on it.

I was checking out some random blogs and found their templates too appealing.
I read my sisters blog again today.. which is dormant at the moment.
Give it a read !!

I love vacation time.. It brings out my lazy side in style...
Ohh no I am getting late for my chai.. so will post again soon with more updates..

P.S : The title is a song by the band "Sex Pistols".. The song explains my holiday mood :)


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