Friday, November 4, 2011

~~~Friday Night Blues ~~~

It was a foggy and misty night..
The roads were clear and shining bright..
With the clouded thoughts I was walking tight..
Thinking aloud, The mind was working with the speed of light..

I met my friend at the spot..
Behind the building at the parking lot..
Cheerful her, dressed in her polka dot..
I thanked God, for the friends I have got..

We walked to the steakhouse to eat..
Filling in each other with the latest beat..
As we crossed street after street..
On reaching, we drank the whiskey neat..

We talked , laughed  and discussed the worldwide..
But still the heart missed something on the far side..
I checked my phone for the emails alongside..
On seeing nothing, the hunger died..

I thought, I needed to relax and unwind..
I walked back home with the cloudy mind..
The questions were tough and the thoughts intertwined..
There are some answers that we never find..

Well.. This was exactly how my Friday night was.. I was feeling quite clouded with infinite thoughts and questions.. and I had to meet a very dear friend for dinner. She was quite excited about it and I didn't want to kill the spirit.
Four hours later, I am still thinking about my mixed thoughts / questions ... Life is tough!!! at times it is really tough...!!!

I hope for a peaceful weekend.
P.S : The post title is a song by John Conlee..I always used to feel that the song title was an Oxymoron.. ( You could only have Sunday night blues or Monday Morning Blues according to me..)
I say this today loud and clear .. It is NOT.


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