Sunday, November 13, 2011

~~~The Cat came back~~~

Another weekend comes to an end..
For a change I have no Sunday night blues.. I am quite excitedly waiting for the week to start..
Another 5 days ..!!! 

It was a good day today.. I am suffering from Stomach Inflammation ( Oh!! do I hear "Agaaaain... "?).
Yeah.. My stomach inflammation is back.. I am back to being a hermit surviving on the bare minimum.
The medicines worked like a charm and I slept like a baby today..

So I packed my stuff today.. My limit is 40 Kg.. I guess I am still under it (I better be..)
I was working on something interesting a " Photo-montage "..  I got the idea from a friend who showed me a couple of movies that he created using his Mac. and then it struck me why not on my machine.. I got tired half way through the process. I will finish and post it soon.

The excitement of going back home is just a little too much at the moment..
The coming week is fully packed.. I have a lot of appointments lined up. Gosh !! I am becoming a German..!
(Whatever happened to the impromptu plans)..

I change my  vacation "To-DO" list / "Wishlist"  everyday.Everything is set. Now I am just waiting for the time to pass..

As the winters are setting in here...The days are becoming shorter, quieter and gloomier..
and of course every thing looks spookier.. Ohh yeah I am a chicken so I get scared very easily. 
There is a cat somewhere around my house and she creates menace . We cross paths at least once a day and she gives me that "I so don't like you" look..
 I sometimes see her staring at me from the lawn outside through the glass door... and giving me those disapproving looks.I tried being friends with her.. but she treats me like a competitor... !!! Not Fair.. Given the fact that I am scared of her. I hope we get to know to each other better in the near future..

P.S : The blog post title is a song by "The Muppets".. That is the only Cat song that I think of at the moment.
It echoes my sentiments..The cat is still sitting outside the house at the moment.. ( Don't go "Awwww" reading this...It is  "poor me" and not the "poor cat")
 "But the cat came back, she wouldn't stay away, she was sitting on the porch the very next day."
There is a movie also by the same name.. I liked their other song "The Rainbow Connection" better.


  1. Cats in the cradle? And then there's Cat Stevens, and all his songs.

  2. Cats are interestingly intelligent creatures! :)