Monday, October 31, 2011

~~~Bad Moon Rising~~~

Ladies and Gentlemen..
I present you my latest creation - Linzer Torte..:

Linzer Torte

I was so excited and inspired by my first sale that I decided to bake another one..
Purely for my own indulgence :). I tried this cake for the first time in a bakery in Salzburg (Austria).
Today I decided to make my own Linzer Torte..and here it is...!!!
Today a big group of kids showed at the doorstep asking for "Trick or Treat".. I had bought  a lot of candies so I treated them well...They were a happy lot. It felt good... !!

Tomorrow is an off.. I am so looking forward to this mid week holiday. I have a lot of things lined up for tomorrow.. Let's see how it goes.

A composition is in the pipeline..Details Later!!
Here is to the mid week surprises.. They bring so much joy and happiness..

P.S: Someone suggested me to explain the relation between the cryptic "Song" Titles  and the blog post content.
The Title Bad Moon Rising is a hit song by the band "The Who" It refers to anything dangerous or evil..
Since it is Halloween hence the title... 

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