Thursday, October 6, 2011

~~~ What a Wonderful World ~~~

Prague - Praha ( Means the Doorstep in Czech) is a synonym for romance for me.
I haven't been to Paris as yet but Prague reminds me of the old world romance (the Romeo and Juliet way..)

When I was there I felt I was a part of an old English movie or probably Prague was the place where it all happened...
I have no clue about the world where Romeo and Juliet lived.. but every time I think about it ... The scenery, the beautiful structures, liveliness, chaos , Small shops selling valuables, people, Live events, Tragic history come to my mind... and Prague fits the bill completely!!!

There were so many little things which caught my attention: Old fashioned street lamps, Vintage cars offering the city tour, winding cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages, Stories, Crystal etc etc ...

The best memory was to walk down the Charles Bridge along the river Vlatava during the night time. It was just magical..
For some strange reason my mood was off before I started walking... and by the end of it I was alright.
I wouldn't call it awesome.. It was an experience, A therapy.

I remember seeing so many live events, singing and dancing.. I guess the city does not sleep at all.. 
I can't even explain the amount of creativity, art, talent, energy in the air of Prague.. When we were walking on the Charles bridge .. I saw one man band.. I have never seen anything like that.. I was impressed.Check the video:

I know it would not be fair to keep on going on without any pictures. I am waiting for the pictures as well..
So soon, really soon I would be posting the pictures as well...

Prague is an experience.. It is like re-living the history.. It is a movie in itself with tragedy, love, history, heroism in it.
The old Jewish quarters remind you of the story gone wrong horribly.. I had tears in my eyes by the time I finished the whole walk...

The story of Franz Kafka was difficult to fathom initially but with his footprints around the old town square.. I gradually accepted it. 

Hearing about the velvet revolution and the role of Jan Palach ( A rebel with a cause) gave me goosebumps.. Literally.. he became immortal on the streets of Prague.

There is so much to write about Prague. The beer is great (It is a beer nation after all.. My favorite beer - Pils come from a small town in Czech Republic called Pilsener), The food is cheap and good!!
It is difficult to understand the streets at first , with so many one ways ...
You will find a crystal shop in every 10 meters and the crystal is EXPENSIVE.

Small cafes along the roadside, People standing with the leaflets for the live performances ... It looks like the city is always ready to party..!!
I think I should stop writing here.. I have some beautiful memories attached to that place..
(Too bad .. I can't mention anything here.. Another day , Another time may be ) I plan to go there soon... really soon...!!
I will be posting the Prague pics soon..


  1. YOU went to Parague!!!

    I am so sooper jealous of you right now. And a I demand a longer post with lots of pictures plz!!

  2. Gunjan,

    The pictures are due.. I am also waiting for them eagerly.. :)