Sunday, October 30, 2011

~~~We've only just begun~~~

Two posts in a day..!!
Well the daylight savings have ended and we have long nights.. **sigh**.. A long lonely one ..

There were two highlights (One of them is the breaking news actually) which happened between my first and second post.

A friend one mine came over in the evening with her daughter. Both of them wanted to bake the cake.
I had my playlist on and me and  her daughter had this conversation
N:  Aunty how do you select the songs for your playlist ?
Me: (Gosh!! I am getting old for sure) I like them.. so I put them together so that I have all my favorite songs playing together one after the other.
N: What do you like in them? I can't even dance to these songs..
Me: *Roll my eyes and with a childish pride I defend my choice* They are nice.. They have beautiful lyrics
N: For the old people may be..
Me: *** ahhh Kids these days***

The second thing has actually become the highlight of my life..

I had baked a cake for a friend of mine last week which she really liked.( She is a hardcore German.. who stays very close to my house.. we meet once in a while for coffee and all).
After yesterdays movie we had planned to meet for coffee in the evening. We met and she requested me to bake the cake again.. which I did in the morning and gave it to her.
I got a call from her 15 minutes back...

B: Hey Wassup..?
Me: Not so good.. Holding up.
B: Girl then get charged.You had your first sale today..
Me: I don't understand.. what happened?
B: The cake that I asked you to bake was for my cousins bakery in NBG.
Me:  Whhhhhhaaaaaatttt? HHHHHHoooooowwwwww? Reeeeaaaaallllllyyyy?
B: Yeah we sold Most your cake and I owe you 6 euros and 50 cents.
Me: Why didn't you tell me ?
B: You wouldn't have done it otherwise..
Me: You are a Darling!!
B: so are you sweety .. Talk to you later.

Yay I almost jumped in the air... and then my first reaction was ohh shit.. "I should have clicked the photo".
It is nice.. smalls things can really turn a perfectly crappy Sunday in to something special.
There are butterflies in my stomach right now..!!

I feel that I am a step closer today towards achieving my dream :)
Here is to the many more such perfect moments..
P.S: Yeah baby, this is just the beginning.. we will go far and have our own coffee shop one day!!!! 


  1. 2 things as ever:
    1. many congratulations... one step closer is always something we wish for... well done... I am proud of you!

    2. Daylight savings have not started but ended... :-)


  2. Thank you Nikhil.. :)
    1. Yes One step closer..That is what we wish for always!!!! Feels good esp the fact that you are proud of me.. :)

    2) My Bad.. I am not good with the details.. You know that.. I will correct it right away.

  3. ohh wow thats great... I am sure you will soon have your own coffee shop.. do send me the discount vouchers ;)

  4. The sweet smell of success!! :)

    So proud of you! And pray for me woman...that such lil wonders happen to me too!

    n looking at ur figure I could have never pictured you as a serious baker! Actually I still can't! way to go!

  5. @Shreeja: Discount Coupons, Merchandise, Promotional offers everything... :)

    @Gunj: I think I just got lucky.. !
    The lil wonders keep us going isn't it?
    Also, try this website.. . People pay to download your photo.

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  7. (refers to the news about the cake that made you jump in joy)

    Can a lie have the same effect on you?
    *the older wiser man wannabe*