Friday, October 21, 2011

~~~ We All Walk the Long Road ~~

"We all walk the long road."
I was listening to the Eddie Vedder song with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Check the link..

One version of this song is also the OST of the film "Dead Man Walking".
The original name of the song is "Long Road"
It is a beautiful song. It talks about the Human Tragedy and the fact that the world moves on...which could be more tragic for the loved ones.
I love the way he writes his songs. Eddie Vedder/ Pearl Jam focus around the human emotions and in one way or the other they pull the hidden emotions out.
I am so sure.. This will be the song which will be played the day my plug is off.

I can't stop playing this song again and again.. It is a beautiful song. It talks about how everyone follow the same course of life.. The sun sets and rise another day. Nothing is forever.

I don't know how will I ever be able to live without any music in my life.. It makes me believe in many things, My dreams.. I wish I was a musician.I want to impact lives.. I want to inspire the others and I feel music is the best way.

It brings the best in you..and more importantly you can bring the best out of people.

Time and again I write posts on this blog about music.. and I always say one thing.. 
" Music makes me feel alive" so I will say it again .. It does make me feel alive.

No matter what situation I am in,No matter how dark the day is, No matter how tough it goes, No Matter how the "Long Road"  is ..
I can rely on music.. More than the people (most of the times..)
I want to write so much about this subject.. Another Day!

Here is to the good music which brings the best in us..


  1. The song sucks, but the post is great :)

    PS: Different songs click with different people, just saying, no judging !

  2. Thank you !!Yeah indeed no judging..
    You might like this version..

  3. You must have heard the song "New Shoes" replace shoes with music for me...and that'll be exactly how I feel about music in my life.

    Life seems all sorted and new the day I add new music to my playlist!

  4. Gunj,

    I can feel the love in your voice.
    Life is dry without the new "Music" ..!!