Thursday, October 6, 2011

~~~ To the one we lost~~~

I know two posts in a day.. !! For sure we are all Job-less today ( Pun Intended!).
I am sad with the death of Steve Jobs.. rather I was and then I had this 2 line conversation with Nikhil..

Me : Ohh hell Steve Jobs is dead..
Nikhil : Good for him. He was in pain.( He said something equivalent of this.. I am just Paraphrasing him here).
For sure, I will not post my views here on his death..I was never a Steve Jobs fan until I read this . He is an example, a leader, an icon and what not.
Now I am really irritated with the way my "friends" on Facebook are reacting to his death...

(Before I start .. I posted a status message in the morning.. iThankYou.. which I really do.. because I am an apple convert ..I thank him for being a motivator.. be it with his designs, ideas, Innovations or with his strong will to fight the Cancer... He motivated the most of us.. I was never a Technology fan as such.. but when I read about his fight with Cancer .. I started following him.)

Some of the weird status messages on Facebook..
XXX : Not sure if i'l ever buy an iPhone now :-(. Steve you'll be missed immensly.
(What the hell is that.. I do not know)..

XXX : RIP Steve Jobs.
(50% of the people who couldn't think of anything better or rather were running against the time to post the status on FB .. posted this..)

XXX . You connected i to the we expect you to reinvent the heavens...R.I.P Steve Jobs
(Again people think it is really funny.. and there are some other morons who liked this Status message).

XXX: iPhone and I are mourning....RIP Jobs.....Job well done.......
(Does not really look like.. when your second status message is wishing people Dussehra .. I cant see you Mourning).

XXX:‎.. thanks Steve for making this world like a science fiction movie....
what next ?? a cooler version of heaven "iHeaven" ... well looking fwd for it
( There are other morons who like this status message... I don't know what they like about this..)

I don't know why people put such idiotic messages on FB. It is the same story every time. Be it MJ, SJ.. The overnight fans spring up from every nook and corner .. and I am pretty sure the next time a celebrity dies.. These will be the same people posting RIP status message on FB ( with probably some slapstick punchline as well). At Times it feels that there is some kind of RIP competition going on in Facebook.
Sorry If I come across as a harsh person. It is just that I really Thank him for a lot of things.
I was so inspired after reading his speech at Stanford that I adopted the policy of "Connecting the Dots" ..
I now believe in it.. I swear by it.

A friend posted something on FB and sorry but can't stay away from posting it here..

AAA. It's difficult to find the right mentor in this oft-selfish corporate world. So I started seeking inspiration from everything Steve Jobs - and it was such exhilaration. I have never used an Apple product, and may never. It doesn't matter.
Feels so weird today ... I don't know if I've lost a mentor, or have one immortalized.

I had never seen him live. For me, Steve Jobs will never die.

He is my corporate fountainhead.

I will have to agree with him on this one.. For me he was an era, a legacy.. an example..!
This is my way of paying the tribute to the departed.


  1. If it's alright with you, I'd like to share this on FB, with some sarcasm directed to the the wannabes you have spoken about!

  2. I so agree with you here. People can get downright obnoxious with their status msgs. The first thing I know is to block such people from my me rude too...but I can't stand too many idiots in my life!

  3. LMS, any comments on the flurry of Jagjit Singh numbers flooding FB? :)

  4. Eby.. what can I say.. ? I think may be they are still yet to come out of the shock.. !!!!

    I wonder what was more the RIP messages or his songs.. ?