Monday, October 17, 2011

~~~Stand by Me~~~

This post comes after a while I know..
I have been trying to write something else for the past two days now ..It is now quietly tucked in my D:\\  somewhere.

This morning while coming to work I was having an interesting discussion with a colleague..
The topic was iPhone 4S ( Please don't think that I am a technology freak..I have had my peace with these superior gadgets years ago)

He was gushing about the voice control features of  4S and how cool they have turned the whole thing in to.
If you are as technically challenged as me then for your benefit  S stands for Siri in 4S.

What the hell is Siri?
It is a new app which comes with your iPhone 4S.This app helps you control your phone with your voice. Instead of just dictating a message to your phone, you can basically ask your iPhone to do things for you.
You can ask Siri for the weather, ask to send text messages, ask about your stocks, ask to send an email..
Cool right..?
Frankly I was impressed when I heard it for the first time.. Now when I think about it I don't find it so attractive. It is making us dependent on the machines. I don't quite like that Idea.
It does everything for you.. and I don't like this concept.
The technology according to me should be passive. It is becoming more and more dominating in the relationship. The problem is that it will blend in like any other necessity in our regular day. I don't quite like the thought of it.

I can't let technology overpower me..
I have a very simple example.

2 years ago my sister convinced me to join Facebook.
Slowly and steadily my friend list grew to 400+. Ever since I moved to Germany I got quite addicted to  Facebook.(Yeah, Lack of physical activity is also one reason).
I bought an iPhone, downloaded the Facebook app.. It became more of a habit for me to open FB app and to continuously stare at the Newsfeed.
It all started with boring meetings and then blended in to my daily routine.. while waiting for the bus.., while talking to people, coffee sessions etc etc..
I never sent any random "Friend Requests" , " Frandship messages".. all I used to do on FB was to check the random video clips, read articles , status messages blah blah blah..Check the "cool" things that other people used to do. For what's worth .. it used to take my mind off a lot of things of course for Good.

People who are close to me did warn, taunt, advise.. My standard reply was "it is harmless time pass"..
It indeed is harmless the only problem is it eats your time/quality time.
I have finally deactivated my profile and frankly I don't feel the need to go to Facebook. I read more, write more, play a lot of Sudoku, listen to a lot of music.

There were a couple of reasons which prompted me to take this action..
Among  the others I wanted to eliminate a "certain section" out of my social circle..
They are the worst kinds.. They have no frigging clue about you, they don't know what you are made of , they won't even stand by you ever...yet they leave no chance to pass their "Genuine" feedback to their "good friends" ( I cross these people once in 5 days and say Hi/hello)..
When they are with you... they behave like your best friends.. they talk in your best interests. The moment you turn around.. (sometimes even that is not required).. They pass their judgments, opinions, anecdotes (concocted stories)  to the others...  May they all "Rest in Peace" oops "RIP" on my Social Circuit.. They have caused quite a lot of damage to me.. but Never Again...!!!

People who want to be with me for life will find me one way or the other.. and likewise.
Here is to the people who stand by you, work it out with you and most importantly believe in you..


  1. Wow :) I wish I could do the same too!

    May be someday when i have a real job...I will do it too! For now, it really does help keep my mind off some crap...even if for a few hrz!!

  2. Gunj,

    Trust me it feels good.. to be able to uproot the unwanted section..:)

    There is a threshold for every person.. Mine reached now..
    You wait for yours.. But Then I guess you are not as addicted as I was..


  3. Even I routinely deactivate my profile and switch off my phone for a considerable length of time, it seems like a stupid idea to a lot of people but I know it works for me when I cross my time limits with these.
    As for the fb app on my ipod. I usually never log in from there. It's way too distracting!

  4. Hello Tanny,

    Exactly.. :)You need your own time and space sometimes to feel lonely..
    sometimes to think things through!!