Tuesday, October 11, 2011

~~~On a Night like this ~~~

"shaam se aankh mein nami si hai,
aaj phir aapki kami si hai..."

On a balmy night .. I am listening to this Ghazal... and introspecting my past and present and trying to put the pieces together.
(No! The demise of Jagjit Singh jii has nothing to do with this. For me the word Ghazal is synonyms with Jagjit SIngh and it will always be the case.Every time I feel that I am not able to express my emotions..I listen to his songs..)
Coming back to the point, why Introspection..?
A friend of mine who was also my manager at some point of time called me up today. 
We chit chatted for almost half an hour and then she said.. " Hey, You have changed.. I see the shades of the person who you used to be .. but today you sound like a different person" Then, My question to her was.. "for good?"
Her answer( I am paraphrasing her here..) : "It is always good to change.. It gives you something to look forward to"
I was just thinking about what she said.. and seriously I think she was right .. It gives you hope.. , new reasons, meanings... so no regrets.. and why should there be any regrets..?

I scribbled a few lines sometime back..I tried really hard to compose something but failed. 
(I think the problem is that my mind is a broth of different emotions.. There is just too much at the moment..)
I am just not in the groove I guess.. so I am posting the half baked version...

The days are dark and the road is long..
The evenings are lonely and there is no hope
The meaning is lost, there is no song..
I look for the answers walking on the rope..

Another day , Another time..
May be things will be all right..
Another day, Another time..
who knows, We might see the light..

I think the post is becoming too long. Let me just end it here.


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