Sunday, October 30, 2011

~~~ My Wish Came True ~~~

Yesterday I went out to see a Hindi movie..
The movie wasn't worth the hype.. but the thought of watching a Hindi movie in the theater really excited me.
There were whistles,claps .. people hooted and all that combined made the theater so lively. There were some Germans also in the movie hall.. and they couldn't understand the whistles, claps, hoots..

After the movie .. I met a couple of colleagues..While we were chit chatting and giving our expert comments on the movie there was a girl who was wishing on a fallen eyelash before blowing it away..
That really got me thinking.. we never lose hope.. for some reason or the other.We believe in small things and they carry on for life.. We probably know that they wont work.. but Why take any chances.. !!

I used to cross my fingers on seeing a Mail Van (wish for something) and then uncross by looking at the black car.I was always asked what I wished for.. and then I reminded them of the cardinal law of "Wishes"..
You cannot disclose what you wish for..  because if you do they wont come true.

As I grew up I started believing in the shooting star concept.. My bed was by the window side and sometimes I used to wake up in the middle of the night and look at the sky. I remember when there was a meteorite shower in Delhi.. I was up all night..!! To this date I love looking at the sky , the clear sky full of stars..I do hope for the shooting stars. When I was in Croatia in August this year I spotted a couple of shooting stars and I immediately wished for something.. These things have become a part of me now.

Some of my friends used to touch their head or gold if they couldn't touch wood..It was a ritual back then..
At times it all comes back to me in phases.. I remember 1.5 months back I was talking to a friend whose official visit to Germany was due and when he said on the phone that it was almost final.. I immediately whispered Touchwood  and touched my gold earrings. Of course he didn't hear me.. he was not supposed to otherwise it would have been called off.. (Superstition!).

I was in Nbg for a bike race challenge and I crossed a fountain and I immediately all of a sudden took a 5 cent coin out and threw it in to the water (I was wishing for something at the same time).. That did not come true.. but I don't think I would stop at that...I will do it again and will wish for something.

I remember how my grandmother always said.. never say something bad because once in 24 hours the goddess is inside you and whatever you say becomes true. That is also the reason why I don't use any swear words.

Today when I woke up in the morning I had an eyelash hair on my cheek (I remembered the girl from the Movie theater yesterday) and I immediately wished for something.. I know probably it wont come true..
But I am still optimistic and hoping for the best.
The Idea is to keep believing, Have faith, be optimistic  and if these little things help then why not do them all the time.

Here is to the wishes and the small things which inspire us to wish, hope and believe..

P.S: Like 90% of my blog titles this  title is also a song .. a 1959 hit by Elvis Presley. A beautiful song.
Also , to keep the momentum of the post going on.. There is one more song on the wishes..( My Fav band.. Pearl Jam )


  1. Have you seen the movie/read the book called Secret??

    do it NOW if you havn't! your entire life will start making a lot more sense :)

    goodluck and godspeed to you!

  2. btw i took this picture yesterday...


  3. btw i took this picture yesterday...


  4. Hey !! I have heard a lot about that book.. Let me order from Amazon right away.

    Also, isn't it a coincidence.. I am here writing about wishing on the shooting stars and here you are with a picture :) .Crazy World..!

    Loved the photo.. do you mind if I use it ? It is just beautiful.

  5. Sure go ahead! I would love that :)

  6. Domt buy a book, i ll suggest u to go thorugh the documentory... Its much btr with visual effects n all.. Its made based on the book... "the secrets"