Tuesday, October 25, 2011

~~~ Magic Carpet Ride ~~~

I always think about this topic.. and then for some reason or the other I never complete the post..
So let me write my thoughts here..

Ohh!! If you are wondering about the topic.. well it is Flying, Airports, Everything to do around it..
I love taking flights.. I like the whole experience..I find it too fascinating.

I observe a lot at the airports, the fellow travelers, The shops etc etc..( I love blowing up my money on the duty free shops) The best part is that the types of travelers never change..

I have categorized my fellow travelers in to 5 different categories..

1) The Business Travelers  - They travel for work. You can always spot them from the crowd. They are hard to miss. Incredibly dressed with perfectly ironed crisp shirts , Beautiful shoes, Snazzy suitcases..
They have optimized all their processes now.. they waste no time at the security checks.. For example.. I always forget to take my belt off, or take the keys out of my pocket .. but this group is just too good at their work.
You will always find the latest issue of the magazine in their hands. They are always spotted carrying the water bottles, the healthy snacks even when they go to the duty free shop they don't waste their time hovering around the perfume section/ cosmetics section.. They mean business.  The moment they are in the flight they open their laptops and the colorful spreadsheets in that. Their clothes are always screaming Armani, Gucci.. etc

2) The Hippies..: Do I need to say more about them.. ? Braided hair, Rebellion tshirts, run-down clothing, Big backpacks.. Stubbled look for Men .. They are always seen carrying maps.. even inside the airports which I find really stupid. 
You will never see them at the duty free shops or at Starbucks..  They have their world packed in their backpack. They always have parts of meal neatly packed.. so there is always some left over food nicely packed. 

3) The Arrogant Lot: They make the maximum noise..They don't care anyone but them.. They are loud, boisterous and really arrogant.. They travel in a group.. mostly the tourists.. They occupy a place and they all huddle up over there.

4) The Hot Foreigner: She is tall, amazingly dressed with perfect hair, the perfect make up, the perfect eyelashes and the perfect figure.. She will look like a model.. The other men are always busy staring at her and the girls are busy staring at her out of envy..

5) The College Kids:Well they are the Yo-yo kids..sporting the latest hairdo's , adidas shoes, jeans slipping low and low.. With headphones in the ears and iPod in the hand. Their eyes look dreamy (Half Sleepy).. They have an elder brother or friends (who look the same) for the company.. Ohh I forgot.. They are always dressed in the NBA Jerseys, football club jerseys etc etc... They make you feel that all is wrong with the world.

Please note that this list does not include the other categories.. like the love- couples.., the lost souls.. (That's me ... always lost.. :))
Apart from that I love the view from the airplane.. the city lights at the night time.. everything looks so beautiful. The city looks so beautiful.. I like the clouds also.. of course you can't really see much.. but I like the idea of touching the clouds.. Sunrise/sunset everything!!!
The massive airplanes with their wings spread around.. I also like the stupid airline magazines also...!!!

The most importantly... the comfort that I feel on my bed when I am back from my trip... is heavenly.Here is to the many journeys ahead... The safe ones.. !!


  1. Wow...I love this post...not because it says something that can change the world or is an open letter that can make a bunch of people behave in unimaginable ways....but it is so ... girl next door.

    Its my story and its yours :)

    I can so relate to you when you say you're still fascinated by airports. I am too. And both of us are not people who rarely fly. But still...whenever I am at the airport, all I am busy doing is judging people by the way they are at that place in that moment.

    I totally feel that there is so much I can tell about their lives just by observing them for those couple of minutes. no where else can you really tell what that person is all about.

    Lil secret...I hate myself at airports...I'm always so...sloppy! Its like everybody else has a better bag/clothes/shoes/book/laptop than me...or may be not...but I just feel like I don't carry myself too well/as crisply.

    OMG...I could go on n on with this whole thing! I should stop now! But I'm so glad you wrote this post...its like I always had this on my mind but never thought of writing it down!

    Hope you had a great Diwali :)

  2. Hi Gunj,

    I loved the comment.. Thank you so much for the encouragement.

    The airports are so exciting.. I can write chapters on them and also on the other daily topics.. yet we miss out on the simplest things in life as we are too busy worrying about the important ones.

    My Diwali was fun.. full of nostalgia and memories..
    I hope you too had a great Diwali..:)
    Looking forward to some pictures on your blog.. well it has been quite a while now.


  3. Diwali was sweet simple! :)

    good food and lotsa love...very clean for a change! Although I missed home, but it was all happy in the end! :)

    n yes there will be pictures! :)

  4. Gunj,,,
    I am waiting eagerly for the pictures..!!! Show me some PICTURES...!

  5. Lol...now you have my flickr link...u can see everything that you cud on fb earlier!!