Sunday, September 18, 2011

~~~ "Sundy"namics~~~

A perfect Sunday..
I just lazed around the entire time.. It is so amazing how the little things can really turn your days around..

The day kicked off really well..I woke up to the sound of raindrops falling on my porch.. It was amazing..!
I treated myself to a good wholesome breakfast and then started with my Sunday ritual of reading the blogs, 
books, Calling around people.. 

I did not really cook anything fancy this weekend. I tried some basic things and couldn't succeed.. :(
I always get the easiest things wrong. There is no rocket science but then again .. I cant be perfect :)

You know I can't make good tea .. I always get the milk and water proportion wrong..
I could never make good maggi... (Gosh that is the easiest isn't it?)
How can I forget the omlettes ..? I start with the intention of making one.. but the net result always looks like "Anda Bhujiya" :(
I can't even make the soups properly .. All you need to do is mix the powder in the hot water .. I always get it wrong.. The end result always has lumps, or is too thin.. or whatever...

I know they are the simplest things and I have made my peace with them.. so every time I make one of the above.. I taste it and give that stupid "Oh God!! Not again... When will I learn" expression and move on to something else...with the hope of making it better the next time around...!!

Here is to the easiest yet toughest things...!!!

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  1. That is sooo very true Shilpi.. the easiest things are the toughest.. and the soup thing is for me too. I always make soups with the image of the best i have every had.. but it always turns out to be the other way round...