Sunday, September 4, 2011

~~~ Stagnation ~~~

There are so many twists and turns..You blink and you miss the Moment..
Life has a way of getting back at us every single time..but we just turn our backs and move away..
In my opinion we deserve more.. we all deserve better We think living is nothing but a movement from one moment to the other..
We miss out on the moments .. We forget little things.. we stop appreciating each other..
I think we should take a moment see things around us.. be grateful to the whatever power we believe in..
and Start Living!!!

No I am not going crazy at 2:47 AM on a Monday Morning!! I am just not able to sleep..
What you read above is no Gyan from my end.. I was trying to work on a composition...
(Where you work with Pen and Paper). I think I have lost it.. I couldn't express anything..
So just thought of posting it here. This happens at times.. there are so many things that I want to post here..
But I can't give them a concrete shape.. and hence they end up getting stagnated somewhere in my drafts and die a slow death.. so from now on I will be posting here Anything/ Everything..
I think I should sleep and give this mind a little rest..

Here is to the Joy, Happiness and to the god times ahead...!!

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  1. Cheers to health and happiness and joy and living! :)