Saturday, September 3, 2011

~~The special one~~

Do you ever feel special..?I think I should re-phrase it as " What Makes you feel special" ?
Yes I do... I don't think a lot is required to feel special...
Small gestures, those few words, Sometimes that look in the eye and what not...

Now you are wondering why out of the blue I am talking about it..I just wanted to thank someone for making me feel special. I say Sorry and Thanks out of habit most of the times and when I really mean those two words I am at loss for words. So I thought of writing here as I don't know any other way to say thanks. It has been long pending.I also want to thank Tanya for lifting my spirits high 2 weeks back..

Someone gifted me a book.. A book on running and inside the book a few words were scribbled..It really has become the highlight for me.. I just open the book every day and read those words :).

 I thought of jotting the words here..
( One more reason for this, The poem is written with a pencil.. so just in case if it fades out.. I want the poem to be recorded somewhere permanently.. what better place than this?)

So many places you have to see,
So many things you have to be,
so many feelings you have to feel,
so many moments you have to steal,

For this you have to keep going,
Don't look back and keep moving,
People will come and they will go,
Never let that give you a blow..

Beautiful isn't it ? The fact that they are written for me makes me feel really good.
 Look around for these Little things in your life.. Things that are Tangible/ Intangible.
Trust me you will cherish them lifelong..

The days when your confidence is six feet under..
The shoulders are drooping down low
As if there is a magnetic pull from below..
And the eyes have lost the Thunder..

The days when the world is wrong..
The days when you have lost your song..
The "Little Things" will pull and fix you along..
They will help you keep going singing your song,,

I know that was a lame attempt at Rhyming.. But the idea just crossed my mind and I wanted to jot it down RAW.
I think this is enough for today.. I was quite exhausted and the confidence, spirit everything was/is under the ground.. Just read the book and the scribbling a little bit  and already feeling much better now.
I will be back with lot's of things.. New/ Old.. This is the end for now..



  1. Two things:
    1. Did I tell you that I luv you? No? Then here it is... I luv you for this post! :-)

    2. Having said that... this is probably one of the lamest ways of thanking someone. Do it in person and on the face!


  2. Two Things:

    1)Just for the post? :)I am disappointed..

    2)I agree it is lame.. for the time being it should suffice.. Till the time we meet at least...