Wednesday, September 14, 2011

~~~ Once Upon a Time ~~~

Do you remember your first pair of branded shoes..?
I want to pick up a pair of colorful sneakers and was planning a quick trip to the adidas Factory outlet.
(Working with adidas has its own advantages.. )
I still remember the time when I bought my first pair of branded shoes..

I had just cleared my 10th class exams and joined another school.
The school was quite flexible on the shoes.. The rule was to wear white sports shoes (Any Brand).
I forced my parents to buy a pair of Nike sneakers for me..
I always wore Power shoes ( Bata's - Sports Brand). The Nike pair that I liked was just 1.5 times more :)

My parents tried talking me out but I didn't budge and that is how I got my first branded pair (Non Bata).
I loved my shoes.. I used to wear them everywhere..I used/abused them for nearly 2.5 years.. and then moved on to the colorful sneakers/ Flea market stuff :)

I don't know why but I am really crowded with the School-Time memories..
This particular incident was at the top of my mind since morning.. so just thought of posting here..

Hope the week is going good for you as well.
Here is to the memories..


  1. Those cute lil memories make us laugh now...but were such a huge deal back then! Crazy how our perspectives change! :)

  2. My first pair of 'branded shoes' = Reebok. It was a black pair with reebok logo (old one) in white and blue. I bought them in Cochin. It was a little over 1000 rupees. To be correct, I made my Dad buy them for me. I got them when i was in ninth standard. I had them for 3 years.