Saturday, September 17, 2011

~~~ For I must be Travelling on now..~~~

A wise man once said..
"A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving"

I couldn't agree more.. travelling is something like that for me..
I like to explore, see things around,Feel the texture of the buildings, watch people closely.. 
The takeaways are more than just posting pictures on Facebook or Bragging in front of a few. 

I want to live old enough to tell stories to my grand kids from Far and Wide.. The tales of the exotic far off lands.. 
I always believe that the places that help you learn things, enriches your experience are never on the map.. you always need to explore them..
The beauty of travelling is that there is no past on the road, there is no future in sight it is just right there and then in the air.. the moment is right there and then!! 

Travelling really has different meanings for different people..some like to go to the "Preferred Destinations"..
some like to keep it simple..

I love checking out places that fascinate me.. for example I always wanted to go to Scandinavia and the reasons were simple.. 

  • To see the change of Royal Guard in Copenhagen
  • Castles..!!!! ( I think I was a King in my last life .. may be someone who lost big time.. The very thought of castles, forts, palaces.. brings a smile to my face :))
  • Vikings..
  • To know all about Vasa..
  • to just sit around and see the Gothic culture .

Frankly I saw a lot more than the above listed points :)

I like the whole process.. the excitement of packing, the experience of roaming around aimlessly :), getting back home, unpacking.. 
Someone said something a couple of days back.. " I like to experience the local bars and pubs in a new place". It immediately brought a smile.. I could relate to it totally..  
Ever since I have been thinking about my love for travelling. 
I hope you are not bored of reading this post..!! It is just something that I wanted to write about for quite sometime..!

Well here is to a lot of travel plans.. !!

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  1. I so totally feel you there sister...infact in all my travels I make sure to eat only at the local diners n never at any chain restaurants. I feel like people's food (&drinks) tell their stories better than anything else can :)

    I might be wrong when I say that...but that's how I roll ;)