Thursday, September 8, 2011

~~~ Counting Miles~~~

One More failure...
I had a target long time back.. To complete the Berlin half marathon..
Now when I take a stock of the situation.. I am nowhere.
It hurts for sure...

Berlin Marathon is a dream for many runners..Professionals/Amateurs.. It will be an unfulfilled dream for the time being at least this year..
Does it feel bad..? yes it does feel very bad..
There are things that you want to achieve ... you want them for yourself.. 
It is not about proving anyone anything.. It is for your own belief..Your own ego.. Your own self respect..

(I am taking the liberty of using the present tense..) 
Running is like an addiction for me.. I forget everything while running.All I see is the road.
There is a sense of achievement  in every mile,every crossing,at every step.. 
yeah there is an achievement with every song that you finish while running.

I love the sweat, the dirt, the tracks, the roads, the trees, the birds.. the red face..
It gets the adrenaline rushing.. nothing in the whole world can give a better high than running..

Sadly, No kick this year..:( the kick which you get on reaching the finishing line.. 
The kick which you feel when  you just want to jump in the air and say "I fu$king did it" ..

May be Next year I will have a different story to tell.. who knows..!!
Please, don't take it as a depressing post.. I get to hear that quite a lot these days..
It is just a disappointment.. another failure..another challenge..

Another Day , Another Time.. May be I will post a success story. 



  1. We need 1000 people to get the 'kick'. Although the kick u talking would have been awesome but u still can continue to be an addict. Aint nobody stopping you.

    Planning to take part in

  2. Thanks NH..
    I love those words .. " You can still continue to be an addict.."

    Thanks for the encouragement.. I wish I was in Virginia to be a part of the event.